Illinois Gun Ban/registration


Here in Illinois, our rights are under a full frontal, no holds barred attack. A Deerfield democrat has introduced a ban on common weapons, and defined them as “assault weapons.” Its vague in the description of a pistol. I need some of our community to help me understand if a regular pistol such as an M&P, Glock, Ruger, or FN are in this classification or not. Hoping we have someone here that speaks legalese well enough to give some insight. Here’s the bill

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Illinois is always fun when it comes to gun laws, @45IPAC! I’ll look at the details, but I’m not great on legalese. What I will do is add your question to the Ask an Attorney webinar we have monthly for our Platinum and Elite members. (You can access it on your dashboard.)

I’ll see if Tom Grieve can give us some insight.

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Based off of reading the the opening synopsis of what they are putting forward… It is basically the 1991 gun bill that was passed… just in a new format…the rediculous part, if I read that right… is you could have a pre 9/11/01 DOD M-16 style AR and be fine… after 9/11 theu changed to the M-4… They are adding pistols in like my CZ p-09 that take 19-21 round mags and saying that’s a no no… I personally would contact your local NRA chapter and see if they are attempting to fight this… I don’t seeing it go well in court for a overturn, but stranger things have happened… simple language, they want to limit ammo capacity and take all the tacticool stuff off weapons…

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Thanks @Dawn. @Tankrachet86, they definitely want all the semiauto, scary rifles. It’s really vague on the pistol part. I might be switching to a revolver for personal defense just to play it safe. At least it’s an excuse to buy a new gun.


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we must back and support our fellow brothers and sister in this battle not allow them to get this stone rolling…


To me it looks like no mags over ten rounds for pistols, and you can’t have any of the other things listed on it; suppressor, folding stock, shroud etc.

It looks like they’re really going all out. If I read it right, it looks like some pistol caliber carbines made the list.

Massachsuetts has it’s own compliant/non compliant list for pistols. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason how a pistol makes either list. Any Glock past Gen 3s are a no go. The list only applies to purchases from a dealer. Private sales are ok, however, ten round magazine capacity rules the land, unless you can get a pre ban.

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