Illinois governor tells NRA to “leave us the hell alone”


I’m glad there are state highways so I can drive around his sorry state.


I’m sure he has a security detail. I’d like to see what kind of “musket” they’re equipped with.


If their firearm laws worked, that’d would be great. Unfortunately criminals will never obey laws. There is a very small number of any rifles used in murder compared to the amount owned by law abiding folks. Emotions will never keep folks safe…


He (pritzker) looks like he has been eating of the fat of the peoples table for a long time. :unamused:


I may not always agree with the NRA, don’t trust em; but no one governor speaks for me; they have diverse constituencies, and that’s a big turn off when someone believes they think for me. The word “audacity” falls short. With all do respect Governor, please speak for yourself, not me. Same goes for the NRA. I’ll do my own thinking thank you.


Likely surrounded by cannons, a shotgun, and a door to shoot it through.

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Is there anything in the Constitution that allows other enumerated states to abolish other states that don’t believe in said documents? C’mon man, no joke! We’ll give you your wish.

Remove their people from the senate and the house and burn their copy of the Constitution and all their rights. Set them free, set them free!

They don’t get the benefit of our taxes, they have no right to vote, best of all they have no say in my life or how I live it! The don’t get to reap the benefits and rewards of our products and knowledge.
Go ahead New York see what you can farm, what can you actually produce other than low life dirt bags. How deep do you think you’ll have to drill for oil, how deep for those battery and solar components. No worries the Chinese will assist you, it’s called the Uighurs assistance plan! You get to slave, my bad, work 24/7 at making the Nikes instead of wearing them.

So, you want to travel to Disneyland from New York, best not stop in any red state, we will have you detained, tortured and absolve you of all your belongings and rights ( not that you had any ). The same way you treat gun owners to your communist state! We no longer have the desire to travel to your states, there’s nothing we need or want from you! You are worthless and useless!

They want out, good, you’re out and poof! Your a communist/socialist state, good luck!
So sorry, you want to leave and return to a normal state after your money and sanity are gone, “papers, please”!
HA! We don’t want your stinking papers! You want back in, you must be quarantined, re-educated for three years, you become one of us or we hang you. What? Too harsh, what have we endured over the past six years? On second thought, you had your chance, you can’t come back, you’re not welcome here!

We are fair, always have been, all we ask is that you kneel, just kidding, you don’t have to kneel. Just recite after me, “I pledge allegiance…”
“O say can you see…” you know the thing! FREEDOM!
In the New United States we have ten rules and ten rights, written in stone!

I’m no constitutional scholar, but I’m sure if you are the enemy of the “state” you can be dismissed!

No violence, no arguments, you’re free to go! I think it’s, we the people that have a say, not mass media and not some old fool ( Soros ) hell bent on global order or destruction! It’s our country, we built it, we farmed it, we fed it, you destroyed it!

If you truly believe in people like Soros, Newsom, Gascon and ALL the rest, serious question here, WHY DO YOU NEED US? We certainly don’t need you, goodbye!

Does anyone see a real problem with this? I see problem solved! They say, if you’re not part of the solution…

maybe make his guards use spears and swords

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