IL CCW while wearing a mask

There is another thread about CCW while masked in CA, IL also has a similar restriction that the ISP say they will wave while masks are required for health reasons.


Thanks for the info.

As a side note, I went to the range today to check on what’s available. There was a sign at the door that said that the Governor’s orders require face masks while in the store/range. The range was open.

Also, they had no 9mm FMJ (posted on door sign). I also stopped by Cabelas and the pistol ammo shelves were still picked clean except for a box here and there.


I know I run the risk of restarting the “best caliber” debate… I was in a Big-R (Stock & Field) store recently getting dog food (my dog is 15+, he gets the food he likes COVID-19 or not). I took a route to the cash register through sporting goods to look at what guns and ammo were still on the shelf. There were still a few boxes of Winchester PDX1 in .40 S&W on the shelf, $30 for a box of 20 is not a deal but it was a legit defense load that was still available. If I had to advise a new to the gun world panic buyer I would be tempted to point them towards the currently less popular .40 S&W.


I usually carry 45, but sometimes carry other calibers. However, the range had a couple boxes of self defense 9mm, but no FMJ 9mm.

I also noticed that early on, the 9mm rounds disappeared before the other calibers.

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MN statute 609.735 also prohibits concealing your identity, but is only a misdemeanor

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The latest ISRA bulletin had the IL code in it… part of the explanation is that this code was adopted before CC was legal in IL. I am glad that the the clarification from the ISP was requested before some anti-2A prosecutor used it against someone who was doing nothing but trying to follow the mask requirement to buy groceries or something.

Here is what the Illinois Criminal Code states: Section 24-1 Unlawful Use of Weapons.

a. A person commits the offense of unlawful use of weapons when he knowingly: (9) Carries or possesses in a vehicle or on or about his or her person any pistol, revolver, stun gun or taser or firearm or ballistic knife when he or she is hooded, robed or masked in such a manner as to conceal his or her identity; (this violation is a class 4 felony)

When was this drafted and published

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The ISP memo about wearing masks was published around April 28th…