If You Need Comforted about being stuck at home:

Ok. I was speaking along this line yesterday I think, but, those who think being shut in a home that has a roof, utilities, etc. is tough, a great series on Prime to make yourself feel better is, “Dude, You’re Screwed.”

Also, I’d feel negligent if I didnt emphasize that watching people on a tv surviving in harsh conditions in no way qualifies one to go out and try it…these guys all have strong military backgrounds, i.e. Green Beret, Navy SEAL, Army Scout - I believe 4 guys are from US, 1 from the RAF. Oh wait, and 1 primitive skills expert. Keyboard commandos and such, please dont try this stuff on your own!

The show will also strongly remind you how important situational awareness is, even when dealing with friendlies.


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Well, it can’t suck any worse than SERE did. Though that was 30 + years ago.

Totally agree, however being stuck on a submarine when you run out of cigarettes, toilet paper and fresh eggs, that puts a whole new twist on survival. I know for a fact there are no screen doors on a submarine.


@Zavier_D & @Scott52

Great points. I cant imagine submarine duty, SERE, well, I hear ya.
@Jerzy- Thx for that laff!

Take care gentlemen!