If you could only own firearms from one brand

I have only quality guns but if I could only buy one brand of firearms forever, I choose Ruger. They are well made, inexpensive. From what I have read, they also have great customer service but I have not had an issue with any so I have not personally use their customer service.
Just a quick note: I sent a S&W back for a faulty trigger & it was a very quick turn around. S&W has outstanding customer service

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Mentioned this somewhere here before - I’ve owned a couple of Rugers that have been completely reliable but had an LCP 2 that was nothing but trouble from the start. Sent it in and they replaced all the parts in the slide and a couple in the frame, test fired 50 rounds and sent it back out on the same day they received it, all at no expense to me. So can confirm that their customer service is very good!


You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!

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