If you could be King/ Queen for a month

We all have different opinions about how we would manage the USA if we were in a position of power for a month. What are five things you would change?

1- you abuse/ neglect an animal it’s mandatory 10 years in prison
2- national CCW reciprocity
3- term limits for all elected public positions
4- all drivers licenses revoked until you pass a REAL drivers road test. The DMV is a damn joke!
5- if you can’t feed ‘em, don’t breed ‘em (applies to kids & animals

  1. It seems like a meaningful step toward draining the swamp.
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The only one that I disagree with is # 1 . If we had somewhere to take stray dogs and cats a lot of that problem would go away. Around here the shelter will take dogs but will not take cats, so what happens is they are shot or trapped and taken to another neighborhood, I take my trapped cats about 10 to 15 miles in the woods where there is no one around. If I owned a truck I would drop every cat that I trapped down town. A few years back I trapped a very large wild tom and hauled him 12 miles away and across a river, 7 days later he was back. Now how can you give 10 years prison when you can kill a person and not get that many years. Get Real Also on # 5 if you do not want to raise your children, DO NOT HAVE THEM

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Ummm… #5 That’s what he said.

2- national CCW reciprocity
The problem I see is when the government gets involved with it, it will be the same as our DMV.
4- all drivers licenses revoked until you pass a REAL drivers road test.
The problem here is, you can’t fix stupid!
5- if you can’t feed ‘em, don’t breed ‘em (applies to kids & animals
Mandatory two years working in a nursery with children before reaching the age of maturity might help.
I like the 3rd one, that should be done to allow for change.

If I had real solutions to problems that would be effective and make America stronger I would, but, I do not have the solutions. I do have a lot of reasons why nothing seems to work right and what needs to be fixed, but I do not have the solutions and that, my friends, is the key.

Nope! A lot of difference between feeding your children and raising your children. Looks like around here they want the children but do not want to raise them in a family with both parents working and doing their thing.


You are correct. :raised_hands:

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After thinking about it, term limits yes but only two terms period even if they happen to be 10 years apart.


Something I heard long ago, everyone is given 1 bullet at birth and they can kill one person in their life no questions asked… the kicker, no one ever knows if that person used their bullet yet. Every one would respect each other more is what the old lady said.


Not only term limits but all politicians-elected or otherwise-are subject to whatever they pass. No exemptions will make politicians think a little bit before passing bills if they have to be subject to it.


I forgot that one, and there lies the problem. One rule for them and another for us, they should have to live with what ever law that they pass also.


We already have term limits… called elections.

It is the responsibility of the people to either re-elect those we like, or elect new representation… not the government’s role to decide for us who we may or may not vote for.

Oh, people of CA must like Grandma Nancy and Grandma Feistein a great deal :laughing: Them staying in power for so many decades is all about people liking them. Nothing against CA, just using it as an example.

No, if they had spent 8 years in DC, it’s time to pull their hand out of the treasury box, and let another well-deserving person experience grift and corruption.

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We already have a National Reciprocity, called the Constitution. We just have to demand it be adhered to.
We do NOT want government getting the idea they can ALLOW our rights, or they will think they can DISALLOW our rights.

3- We have term limits. Called elections. It is incumbent on we the people, to choose wisely. If we like our Representative and they want to continue to serve, we can continue to elect them… if we do not like them, we can select another and vote for them. Many of us may not like those like Pelosi, but we do not live in her district, actually, I do not think Pelosi lives in her district… and it is not for us to say if they keep voting for her or not.

4- Far too many drive with their head inserted… and in need of a proctologist to have their head examined, not sure any ‘test’ will fix that… you just can’t fix stupid.

5-, indeed. Each individual is responsible for their own choices, and if you start creating children, you have a responsibility, you… not others… so some of the ideas may be sound, but 2 and 3 really need to be considered in far more detail before pushing them.

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Many of us would like to see Pelosi go… but unless you actually live in her district (and I do not even think she does), we have no choice in who her constituents vote for.

If they had spent 8 years in DC, it is up to you, the constituent, to either vote to reelect, or select a replacement. District {Fill in the Blank} or State {Fill in the Blank}, where you live, you may vote for your choice, or the choice chosen at the primary… and yes, primaries are important…

If you like the person, they are doing a job you like, and they want to run again, vote for them again, if you want someone else, vote for another person.

I am still not convinced. Power corrupts even the best of us, people elected economic authoritarian FDR 4 times (must have liked his incompetence dealing - and possibly creating - the Great Depression), and certain geriatrics certainly outstayed their welcome in DC. 8 years is plenty enough. Same goes for the SCOTUS.

No on the SCOTUS. We should not have judges or Supreme Court justices under threat of requiring elections or being in a term limit.
There is a process by which they may be removed.

A Supreme Court Associate Justice is NOT nominated for life, they are nominated during periods of ‘good behavior’.

Five things to change …

  1. Suppressors should be safety equipment not an NFA Item.
  2. Next time we “spring forward” spring forward a half an hour and quit with the time changes.
  3. Election Day should be a national holiday in that EVERYTHING is closed, true “essential” businesses must pay and provide their workers the time required to vote and the polling stations need to be open for 16 hours.
  4. Make Unions and/or Collective Bargaining illegal, ESPECIALLY Teachers and The Federal /State Governments, we have more than enough workers rights laws on the books.
  5. Make Universal Background Checks Universal in that any one can utilize the NCIS check system for any purpose and do away with the 4473. A drivers license worth of information + SSN, make the call Yay, Nay, Wait 3 days and Go if no answer. Also good for checking out potential babysitters, employees and such. The gov’t doesn’t need to know if I am buying a gun or getting screened for a job.

My 5 cents.




Same five with additional sub categories in parentheses

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Appoint someone else right off the bat & death for parking tickets.