If u love your weapon or being prepared be scarred

Take a look at this chart:

Note weapons acquisition,knowledge acquisition,material acquisition,eliciting information.

These are foundational pieces of being labeled a terrorist.
While we all know that we are not doing terrorist things,however,note :

if someone was an avid,camper,survivalist,prepper,knowledge hound ,scientist etc. Could initially be in the pool for terrorism.

A overzealous someone,in a minority community or not could be intentionally disastrous to whoever the cannon is pointed at.

This is a slippery slope of thought( in one person’s opinion) DHS and the Bureau have other indicators and means of determination.

This chart is presented by a state LEO organization. (DHS chart)

With red flag laws and other issues,it seems one must be inordinately careful,because even gaining information can get you in trouble if coupled with being a weapons owner


First they label you as bad. Next, they restrict your freedoms. Finally, they put you in a box car and ship you off to the concentration camp. Does anyone doubt the age6of the left?


Yea, and you got to be careful not to say something about a wrong person. even if they show all the warning signs from the chart. You will get sued and labelled a hater.