If True is very bad?

Hackers Can Extract Your Fingerprints from Sound of Swiping Touchscreen


The dedicated businesses and police departments can’t even get a good fingerprint if you swipe the screen made to capture your fingerprint.


I seriously doubt it.

Perhaps, it’s their way to promote voice-activated commands. Now, that’s easier to hack.


With today’s technology, anything is possible. If hackers can extract your fingerprints and those fingerprints are found all over everywhere/anywhere at crime scenes and it’s someone’s hacked fingerprints, innocent people are going to be in very serious trouble with the law without these innocent people realizing they’re involved in any crime. Just like Identity Theft, DNA, or AI can be manipulated in some way or form. :thinking: :flushed: :wink:

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What is a moral of the story? You must talk a lot or sing very loud while swiping your touchscreen. :point_up:


Rather than a video, here is a story about it.

I am not concerned about this. I have no devices that use fingerprints to open/unlock. Most sites I use are two-factor verification and I use face ID on my smart phone.


you know they can steal your face? :grin:
Yeah, 2FA is a best security feature these days.