If Statistics- Main Stream Media Critique

Reading/watching a few stories this week as led me to wonder a few things…

Statistically speaking…if a majority of the protests (regardless of damage done) were “peaceful,” (I believe 93% is being quoted by media) then statistically speaking isn’t COVID mostly non-lethal in the US? (only 2.4% of population infected, of that only 2.8% of the infected die or .07% of US pop)

Statistically speaking…if saying Joe Biden is a Socialist is a false claim (according to CBS, CNN et al), then isn’t the media calling President Trump a “racist” (also CBS, CNN et al) also a false claim?

Statistically speaking…if hammers are more deadly than guns…shouldn’t the media be demanding common sense “hammer control.”

Just wondering… :thinking:


Sing’n to the choir.
I find it all mind boggling.
I stopped reading drudge a few months back as they have crossed over to the dark side.
For that matter, I really have stopped reading a lot of news and listening to Patriot or Triumph, same thing sing’n to the choir, and I just need a break from all of it.


There are:
Damn Lies
(attributed to Mark Twain/Samuel Clemons with 94% accuracy but borrowed from someone else with 100% clarity)

If I have a room full of die hard Republican conservatives and ask the questions in the correct manor I can prove statistically that half of them are left wing liberals.

The “polls” as we see them today typically over sample Dems and Independents leaving 24 to 27% for Repubs. I saw an interesting poll that asked “Who do you think your neighbors are voting for?” with no demarcation, it was Trump 54% and Biden 42%. I also like the South Park meme where a figure is balled up on the floor “It’s over! In the end only 99.997% of us will live.”

Statistically I want to be classified as a minority: I am white (OK mutt), male, heterosexual, Christian, only married once (30+ years), never divorced, all of the children are ours, retired Chief, Corpsman, Submariner, Scrunt and SpecWar Operator. I started out with nothing, worked my a$$ of and still have most of it left. Check all those boxes and see how many zero’s are after the decimal point.




I am truly sorry for you, as you have screwed up your life so badly the Biden/Harris campaign can’t do anything for you. Should you ever want some free stuff so they can fix your grim circumstance for 100% of your freedoms please let them know


My wife is a statistics freak. She can tell you I was statistics of everything out there no joke. I gave her my phone and I said read this honey see what you think. She said " bravo sir, bravo"

That’s the best darn use of statistics I’ve ever seen in my life.



The problem with this statement is, Quid Pro China Joe is advocating not just Socialism, but Communism with at least a spoonful of Fascism thrown in for flavor, while Trump has not shown ‘racist’ view points… considering he speaks of ‘All Americans’.

And I will not even address the statistics regarding the mental acuity of Biden voters


If you look closely enough, we are each of us a minority of one.

There is a mantra I’m sure you’ve heard that says “Every individual is special because every individual is unique.” That may well be true, but it also means that uniqueness is the single most common human trait to be found, making it not very special at all. The statement is self-negating.

It used to be that someone became famous for actually being special; these days people are special for being famous.

In America today the most openly hated, publicly vilified demographic is the white, male, heterosexual, law abiding, working for a living, citizen. Just cruise the internet or watch the new s and you’ll be bombarded with comments that would be labeled “hate speech” if it was directed at any other group.

All that for actually trying to live up to what was once called the American Dream.


We are the last legally discriminated against, part of the population.

Unless you are like me and are disabled.


Disclaimer: I don’t have the actual numbers in front of me, but this is the gist of it…

Something like 75% of all gun violence (not including suicides) are from like 5 counties in the country (you can guess which cities are contained in these counties). Further, less than 1% of the population in those counties is responsible for 99% of all that violence (gangs).


Yes, you are definitely in the minority.

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