If she were a Man? If she were a Dem? If she were any color but a Jew?

Jewish NYC councilwoman Inna Vernikov is arraigned on firearms charges after wearing a gun on her waist while opposing pro-Palestine rally - as her lawyer questions the use of a ‘possibly altered’ social media photo as evidence in the case

Story by Aneeta Bhole For Dailymail.Com • 2h

  • Republican Brooklyn councilwoman Inna Vernikov was arrested after she wore a gun on her waist while opposing a pro-Palestine rally at CUNY’s Brooklyn College
  • Vernikov appeared in court in New York on Thursday but did not speak
  • Her lawyer, Arthur Aidala questioned the validity of the picture of his client with the gun as evidence and demanded a ballistics report from prosecutors

A New York City councilwoman who was arrested after she wore a gun on her waist while opposing a pro-Palestine rally at CUNY’s Brooklyn College was arraigned at the Kings County Court in Brooklyn on Thursday.

Republican Brooklyn councilwoman Inna Vernikov, who is Jewish, looked stony faced in court but did not speak.

Her lawyer Arthur Aidala questioned the validity of the picture of his client taken last month as evidence and demanding a ballistics report from prosecutors.

Speaking to DailyMail.com outside court Aidala said ‘the rules of evidence are that a human being who has to make these descriptions [of a potential crime] not based on what you see on a computer screen, it’s not reliable evidence.’

‘The bottom line is this they did not have a ballistic report today so we don’t even know if the gun works’ he explained.

'First step is we have to make sure it’s an operable gun if it’s not an operable gun then it’s not a crime because it could just be a toy

Adding: ‘So they have to prove that the gun worked I’m assuming in January they’ll have a ballistics report telling us whether it’s worked and then they’ll have a witness who actually saw her with a gun.’

The judge has listed Vernikov’s next court appearance for January 24th and told her she may not carry firearms in the meantime.

Dozens of protestors waited outside of the Kings County Court on Thursday calling for Vernikov’s resignation as they demanded for a ceasefire in the war torn Middle East.

One protestor told DailyMail.com ‘It’s important that we’re coming out today making it loud and clear in the courts and across New York City that what Vernikov did was a crime she should be convicted for it, she must resign from her role as city council cause that is not any way a public official should act.’

Adding: ‘Regardless of whether it was a real gun or not you are coming in front of a school campus as a public official showing a gun that is a force of threat.’

Vernikov, turned herself in to the NYPD early on Friday after her appearance at CUNY’s Flatbush campus, where hundreds gathered to support Palestine after Hamas’ attack left over 1,000 Israelis dead.

Officials reportedly contacted her to inform her she was being charged with criminal possession of a weapon, The New York Post reported

Vernikov, 39, was released with a desk appearance ticket and ordered to surrender her gun, a Smith & Wesson 9 millimeter, as well as her concealed carry license, which she just obtained last month.

While she had a license, it is a Class E felony to bring a gun to a protest or school grounds, which are deemed ‘sensitive locations.’

‘I’m here at the pro-Hamas rally in Brooklyn college. There is a ton of police and we made sure the Jewish students feel safe today, but here they are screaming and yelling “Intifada, globalize the Intifida!”’ Vernikov said on a video from the protest posted on X.

‘If you are here today standing with these people you are nothing short of a terrorist without the bombs,’ she added.

Vernikov represents Brighton Beach, Sheepshead Bay and nearby neighborhoods, and sits on the Council’s Standards and Ethics Committee.


I am old enough to remember all these fine folks on the left, who brought AKs and Glocks to protests. They are not in jail.


Ha! As I understand the case, the councilwoman is being charged with bringing a firearm onto a school ground. The evidence is a photo of a gun, but not a gun itself. She’s not said anything (her 5th Amendment right), so she’s on trial for a crime that is simply a photo of herself wearing a holstered gun.

Another reason to not live in New York.


Sorry. Not sorry.

Obey conditions of one’s permit. Stay on the right side of the law.


No one saw or confiscated a gun. The picture is all their going on. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Cops need proof in Brooklyn Council member Inna Vernikov gun case, says lawyer (nydailynews.com)


I like her lawyer.


My old stomping grounds. They never arrested, the fool that shoved the shotgun in my mouth, nor the creep that put his .38 in my temple, because we parked in front of his restaurant, nor any other assh@le that put me in a position to beg for my life! That includes inside the bathroom in high school, for my lunch money!

Yeah I’m totally on the other side now! Trained and practiced, want my lunch money, come and take it!

Furthermore, I DON’T see a gun, I’m pretty sure none of you here sees a gun either. We can all play the same games! I don’t see one, I don’t think she ever had one, the witnesses are liars, that picture is A.I. created, the “EQUITY” software hasn’t been installed yet! have a nice day! Nothing to see here, c’mon man, no joke. That’s not an “educational” center that’s a TERRORIST INDOCTRINATION INSTITUTION. There’s a big difference!
Cutthroat, Underhanded, Neanderthal Youths. CUNY

Furthermore, if you’re Jewish today you shouldn’t be walking the streets WITHOUT an M249, and be prepared to kill, because your enemy WILL NOT, IN ANYWAY, HESITATE TO KILL YOU! That is their mission in life, they have been born that way, you can’t change that, EVER!
Has anybody read a history book? They are making the same MISTAKES AGAIN!


From the picture that doesn’t look concealed. :thinking:


Making a statement doesn’t garner any sympathy from me. Reminds me of those two lawyers looking like an inept Bonnie and Clyde a year or so ago.
Gray man. Gray woman… especially in NYC ffs.

Obviously photoshopped. No politician could be that dumb, riggghhhtt?


If you are going to get a concealed carry permit…at least conceal the gun, then she probably wouldnt be on this mess.

Now if they are asking for her to forced to step down then AOC, ilmar and the other idiots that seem to be on the side of terrorist should lose their jobs as well. Any visa’s granted should be revoked and immediate deportation should be invoked.

I thought our founding fathers fought for freedom of speech as well as the 2nd amendment plus so many more freedoms they fought for. It is starting to look like which has for 3+ years now which the moron in cabinet at this time that our freedom of speech is slowly being taken away. You get canceled, and some lose jobs, their right to live anywhere they want as well. Looks like to me we need to get a hold of this and sooner rather than later. We need to vote these people out of office, but we all know we cant rely or trust voting any longer. It is the only way. We need to pray that we can get these people out of office and better people in office.

Im at a loss for words. I love America as it was before the Obama administration got into office and allowed 70,000 muslims to move into Minnesota and now are the leaders of terrorist training here in America.

Look at the current administration and how they are tearing apart the US as we know it. Again, we need to get out and vote these traitors out of office.

PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILIES!!! That is why we all joined the USCCA. WE want to keep the freedoms our Forefathers fought for as well as WWI and WWII veterans did as well as Korea and Vietnam as well as the Gulf War. Pray we can get America back the way it was. STRONG AND FREE!!!



Psst… No one found a gun. Only a pic of what “might” be a gun :slightly_smiling_face:


True…but look at all the crap thats going because of it. If it were hidden…IWB, she wouldnt be going through this.


Makes me think she wanted people to see it.


Guilty before proven innocent. Yup. Yup. :face_exhaling:


How many of us have never been doing something where our weapon has gotten exposed. She had a untucked shirt on and in other pics it was not exposed.



I have to say I agree with you a 1000%. I didnt see anything either. :sunglasses::saluting_face:


This shouldn’t even be an issue if our 2nd Amendment was actually adhered to. I also don’t see a gun in that picture, I see a black object that could be just about anything.


If you zoom in on that picture that is a lot of bulk for a woman her size and that situation to be carrying in fact it doesn’t resemble a S@W 9MM at all (just saying). But then if she was carrying she was in the wrong because of the laws regarding carrying on school campus and during rallys and demonstrations


I remember when during lock downs the mafia Governor guy who got pinched for sexual harassment stopped all religions from practicing together except the Islamic. He actually ran some kind of program to help get them their proper food during one of their holidays. So there’s a history of bias. Wouldn’t put complete fabrication as a means to law fair past them. They don’t need to win, just make your life miserable.


Sorry, these are NOT school campuses, they are KILLING FIELDS!
Act appropriately, or die! The Jews really didn’t learn anything!
Arm yourself, be professional, be polite and have a plan…!