"If I were the DEEP STATE! '' Let's see how much is TRUTH!

The Dilley Team for Trump has just unveiled a remarkable new video that has garnered high praise. Citizen Free Press shared this exceptional creation, titled “If I Were the Deep State,” earlier today.

Produced by a conservative creator, the video is impeccably executed and effectively captures the malevolence of the current lawless administration in Washington DC, along with the unelected bureaucrats who are undermining our beloved America.

Addressing various grievances against the Deep State, such as instigating conflicts, imprisoning Trump and his followers, and persecuting Americans who dare to question or oppose alleged election irregularities, this video is a powerful critique of the Deep State’s actions.

Really haven’t much to add, The text/video speak for themselves.
If you don’t believe in this I apologize in advance for the few minutes wasted
If you DO believe, You’re WELCOME !

and Sunday Bonus round----- J6 info and Possible Exonerating DJT/Insurrection----It’s coming out now folks!


Sent the spoof to several people, thanks for posting. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well Brother,
We’ll see how much of a “Spoof” this is Real soon.
(glad you enjoyed it)