I tried to warn conservatives about the American Stasi. They ignored me

A warning to us all. :thinking:

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“Sometime soon, the hideous standards that were crafted and reinforced by those attempting to bring down Kavanaugh will be used against someone with no power, money, name recognition, or institutional backing.”

Washington Examiner
Washington Examiner


I tried to warn conservatives about the American Stasi. They ignored me

Story by Mark Judge •7h

In October 2020, the conservative writer Joseph Bottum tweeted: “The treatment of @markgjudge was awful, and the failure of those who published him to defend him was among the most despicable — so he ends up washing dishes.”

Bottum was responding to the news that I had taken a job washing dishes. My kitchen job was something that surprised a lot of people, many of whom thought that after what happened to me, conservatives would never let me fall through the cracks. I had survived a vicious attack from the Left, but the conservative media, a media I had written for, would not defend me or give me a platform. To Bottum, this was “despicable.”

I didn’t want recognition after being wrongly accused of witnessing a sexual assault by Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh that never occurred. I simply wanted people to hear my message, which is, in short, what the Left did to me, it will do to you. The Left will abuse the legal system and use the media and opposition researchers to try and destroy you and everyone else in its way.

That’s exactly what it is doing to the Supreme Court and former President Donald Trump. Even though I think Trump’s behavior on Jan. 6 was reprehensible and know that he lost the 2020 election, I agree with attorney Alan Dershowitz that the four indictments of the president are banana-republic stuff. It’s weaponizing the law to try and ruin a political opponent. The president has free speech rights. The indictment regarding an alleged hush money payment to Stormy Daniels is a joke, and if Trump improperly handled classified material, then so did President Joe Biden.

In fact, the atmosphere now is similar to 2018, when the Democratic Party, the media, and outright criminals tried to destroy me and my high school friend Kavanaugh by using a woman named Christine Blasey Ford. Ford claimed that Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her when the two were in high school in 1982. Ford claimed I was in the room where the assault allegedly took place and that I witnessed everything before jumping in and breaking it up. The entire thing was a setup. I was denied due process, and the press savaged me and somehow found more and more accusers from places I’d never been to. As with Trump, the charges got more and more absurd and just kept piling up. At least Trump is told the time and place he supposedly did the thing he is charged with.

Yet much of the media, even on the Right, fail to recognize what the Left is trying to do. Indeed, for all its talk about clueless elites, the Right can be just as elite and clueless.

In 2021, National Review editor Charles Cooke wrote a piece, “Our Illiberal Moment,” which argued that the public is losing the virtues that are necessary to sustain a democratic republic. Those virtues are “humility, tolerance, and forbearance,” for which the modern totalitarian Left has no regard. Cooke recounts the 2018 attack on Kavanaugh, offering this: “Sometime soon, the hideous standards that were crafted and reinforced by those attempting to bring down Kavanaugh will be used against someone with no power, money, name recognition, or institutional backing.”

The “hideous standards” Cooke deplores were already deployed against someone without power, money, name recognition, or institutional standards. That person was me.

The first I heard of Ford’s accusation was not from a politician despite the fact that Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) office had a letter that Ford had sent to her in July. Instead, I got a call from Ronan Farrow of the New Yorker. Farrow asked me about “sexual misconduct in the 1980s” involving myself and Kavanaugh. Blogger Allahpundit put it well: “Judge apparently found out he was named in the letter when Ronan Farrow called to ask about it. Farrow offered no details about when the incident supposedly happened or where, or even the name of the woman. Judge has been accused of participating in an attempted rape with a would-be Supreme Court justice, in other words, and can’t even get the basic facts of the allegation provided to him. It’s Kafkaesque.”

In the five years since I have been delivering the same message, or at least trying to, across the media. (National Review has not acknowledged The Devil’s Triangle, the book I wrote warning what was coming, even exists). We are up against an American Stasi, our equivalent of the East German secret police under communism. There is nothing they will not do to gain and keep power, and our great institutions are not safe.

Again, just look at what they’re doing to Trump. You can love Trump or hate him — I’ve always been ambivalent — but that is the hard reality. The Left wants power and cares nothing about “humility, tolerance, and forbearance.”

Even a dishwasher can see that.

Mark Judge is an award-winning journalist and the author of The Devils Triangle: Mark Judge vs. the New American Stasi. He is also the author of God and Man at Georgetown Prep, Damn Senators, and A Tremor of Bliss.


Very simply put:

Power = Money

And they can’t get enough of either.


So WHAT’S NEW - can anybody even vaguely recall that at one time we had an unconvicted rapist in the WH, while an unconvicted killer was a permanent resident of the Senate for 42 years? SOS-JDD.


P.S. - If you have enough power, $$ and influence, you can afford as many legal-eagles and legal firepower as you need.


"They are not after me
They are after YOU
I’m just in the way!" DJT
Like him or Hate him he speaks gospel(for me anyway)


You, Me and millions upon millions of others. :exploding_head: Let the TDS began. :slightly_smiling_face:


“No easy day’s ahead Brothers”


They used to say, the only easy day was yesterday.
We’ll yesterday was just as phucked as tomorrow is going to be!


TRUTH Scott! (that’s why we let you play with us!)
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