I think I've just about converted an anti-gun friend

Been working on an anti-gun co-worker for awhile, recent events have scared him and his wife (even more anti-gun).

The anti-gun bit stems mainly from no experience with them and a general fear plus your typical evil guns in the news…

Past week or so, I got him interested in going out and trying my G2C. Today (1-3am) I visited him to help him with his TV. He agreed so I taught him the basics). Been working on him for months, correcting media misinformation and such. He got to see my NAA mini revolver “today” and the diameter of the barrel was a joke to him, how could something so small be scary. He has a .22 Gamo Magnum for pests I was able to recommend to him which he likes, basically the same bullet. Got to tell him, basically the same sized bullet in an AR15, faster rifle round, same diameter of bullet…

He got to handle my G2C, first thing I had to correct, his first tendency was to place his finger on the trigger. Corrected trigger finger placement, pointing of firearm in a safe direction, basic operations, slide safety, etc. Everytime there was a dry fire, the chamber was verified empty with my ammo and mag deep in a side pocket, went over hang fire, citing what stupid people have done on youtube videos he has seen and a lot more.

He wants to buy 2 of these G2C pistols and 2 speed safes, one for the first floor and one for the second floor mainly for his wife to have access. Told him before he just buys everything, we need to go to the range so he can shoot my G2C. And decide for sure if is comfortable to shoot.

We go to the range tomorrow. If he can handle the recoil, his next step will be to buy his own (he already wants to buy one though). Will build up his proficiency and the next step if all goes well, is to get his wife to the range after an instructional on basic firearm handling just like my friend had.

I’m so excited and cant wait for tomorrow… going to get some targets and try and find some polymer 9mm. I’m believe the standard ammo he will be able to handle just fine but I want to have different types available for him to try.


Amen! Another soul saved!


WOW! Great Job Bro!!!

^^^Agreeed with @MikeBKY, another soul saved!!!

Be safe and yall have fun!

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Just got back from the range, as always, the first magazine is the hardest.

I brought high viz targets, and had him use my electronic ear muffs so he could hear me when not shooting.

He tried shooting at 5 and 10 yards, and though he was a bit disappointed in his shot placement on the target, I made it a point to point out, virtually every shot of at least half a dozen mags was center mass on the sillolett.

We were shooting for about an hour, I dumped a couple mags in between, I fired the first shot to demonstrate, the brass bouncing off the bay caused him to flinch a bit but he was used to it after a couple mags.

I even shot my G34 for the first time, loaded up my 33rd mag to test how well it fed… That was fun. Flawless feeding loved it… 33rd dump with target hits at 10y, the 2 other shooters in the 2 lanes beside us came over wondering what I had that just kept on going and going…

My friend I think will not be buying a gun right away like he wanted to right after learning safe handling practices.

He says a lot of the butterflies he had are gone, he had fun, still a few butterflies but it was not as bad as he thought it would be.

He says it will probably take a good bit to get his wife to come down to the range and learn the basics of shooting as she is even more anti-gun. But I’ve offered to go to his house again with my G2C and go over with her just as I did him. Firearms handling and safe practices.

I think he will be interested in going to the range again and getting some more practice in…

The hardest part is shooting that first magazine, that first shot…

One thing my friend did that I was not expecting. He paid the range costs and forced me to take $40 saying it was the the ammo, targets and all…

I’m going to hold onto the $40 and put it as a credit at my favorite gun store so when he decides to get his first gun, the cost will be lower…


Had a meeting today with my friend at work, he is already talking about the next time we go out to the range. He is wanting a brighter colored target for next time…


^^ Niiiice! When the’re wanting stuff to try you are definitely in the “win” column!


Just got back from the next time out, noticed he was using his second hand a little almost as a forward grip on the pistol, got him to stack his thumbs and it cleaned up his aim…

He had a great time again, shot more mags, he tried a few rounds from my Kel-Tec sub 2000, a lot more support, easier to handle in one sense but he stuck to the pistol primarily.

The jitters he had the first time out, didnt have them this time.

He is loving the range, he is excited to go out again after I get back from my trip and says he will be getting his own gun to shoot soon…

I think next time out to the range, I’ll bring my media evil AR15.

I shot a cylinder from my NAA mini revolver, .22 magnum. Showed him the diameter of the bullet hole in the target compared to the 9mm. A tiny little thing.

His main interest is just shooting my little G2C which he loves but with some different ones I’m bringing out, he is trying a couple shots…

I’m hoping that as he shoots, even just a couple shots from some of these media evil guns, when CNN and such is on at his house and these persons who speak of how horrible and traumatizing these guns are to hold and shoot, he can know first hand the actual nature of these tools.


My college roommate… Grew up shooting rifles & he did a little hunting. He moved to California a few years ago after living & working in Raleigh, NC post graduation.
So, about 2 years ago we had a huge debate about firearms & the 2nd Amendment. I told him about McDonald vs City of Chicago at one point. He asked what was my endgame… The U.S. returning to the wild west days? After a few more exchanges, we realized neither of us would budge. So, we politely agreed to disagree.

I think working out in California and in that culture meant he had to modify some of his views to advance in his chosen field. But, he called and asked about a good handgun for self-defense a few weeks later (still not sure why).

Now, our conversations are less heated of course. I can’t say I completely converted an anti-gunner though. Maybe I just interrupted the liberal/ socialist programming being disseminated out in Cali. :thinking::+1:t5::v:t5:


The best advise! Stay cool, calm, collective!