I taught my scaredy cat wife this 1 rule

k, my wife doesn’t shoot, or handle firearms, but knows how to do both safely. For the most part, she’d probably slap an attacker with a designer bag faster than reaching inside for a pistol…
HOWEVER, I did manage to teach her 1 very important thing about firearms,and she’ll respond verbatim when asked. The phrasing is from the movie Basic with Travolta and Sam Jackson.
So, if I ask my wife, “when do you surrender your sidearm?”, she will reply, “Never. Ever surrender your sidearm, even if George S. Fn Patton rises from his grave and orders you, never surrenddr your sidearm.”
Its a fun little exchange that keeps us on the same wavelength.


I remember that @Smiddy a good movie.:+1:



The funniest part is that she is only 5’5" tall and maybe a buck oh five. Couldn’t muscle her way through a wet paper towel…but boy oh boy, she’ll say loud and proud that you are NEVER to surrender your firearm. Does a good impression of Al Capone from The Untouchables too, sounds like a kindergarten girl demanding Elliot Ness be dead. Funny lady my wife. I’m simply happy when her humor isn’t at my expense for doing anything dumb :wink:


Rangers lead the way …all the way!


I’d try something like that with my wife and she’d likely tell me how much she prefers me being silent. LOL


I talked to a lady today at lunch, I have known for years. The gun subject came up and she told me she would not allow any guns in here house. I was so dumb struck all I could say was on well so you are just going to let them beat you to death then. Then I waled out.

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I’ve a great deal of respect for Rangers. Have never met 1 in person that was not a solid individual…

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Brother @Smiddy are you talking about park rangers or US Army Rangers. :joy:

Us army rangers lol

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My wife did not like to see my concealed carry laying on the arm of the recliner. So one day she was ironing clothes and I had to go to the bath room so I laid it on the ironing board while I was gone. When I got back told her Damn it did not move or shoot anyone while I was gone. She never said anything else about it.

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