I see a lawsuit coming


Parking on the railroad tracks while the officers searched the arrested woman’s pickup. Maybe the agency that hired this officer will fire him.


There are so many things wrong with this, at so many different levels. Terminating the officer should be a no brainer, and punitive civil lawsuit, and criminal gross negligence. Then all the other officers at the scene should have known where the vehicle was parked that could be neligent failure to act.
If that is the caliber of officer being hired I’d seriously consider fitness of duty for the higher ups i.e. chief. Gurrrrr… crap like this gives the good, competent officers a very tough burden to carry. :rage:


Very unfortunate lack of training or was he on something himself?

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“Don’t park an occupied vehicle on the railroad tracks while a train is approaching” doesn’t seem like something they should have to teach at the police academy. Folks that need that lesson should probably find a different line of work, or maybe an assisted living village.

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