I have a Texas LTC but may be moving to North Carolina

Neither have I but have been in the car when the driver was asked and I almost pooped myself as my brain raced to the possible outcomes.

More if an issue in states like NC where you are required by law to inform the officer that you are a CC license and whether you have a gun in you or not.


Utah doesn’t have that law. It has certainly been the subject of much discussion, Do I voluntarily tell them, Do I wait until asked or Do I let them find it? I fall dead center in the middle of the first two, maybe I tell them but I certainly answer the question honestly.


My attitude is I have nothing to hide and I figure the more info I give to an officer, the less he has to guess as to my intentions. I find them much more courteous and helpful (and forgiving of small trespasses) when they are fully informed, compliant, civil and I pose no obvious threat to them.

My last stop was for doing 85 in a 55 because I was irritated and some yodel deciding to block me in the left lane while I had 10 students waiting for me at the range. So when he finally got sick of me on his ass and finally moved over I punched it.

The County Sheriff that stopped me was not in a good mood when he got to my window and when he asked me if I knew why he stopped me I said, “ Sure, I was rolling WAY over the speed limit.” . I then explained to him what happened and informed him I was an instructor and a CC Licensee and that I had SEVEN handguns in the car which led to a very funny exchange that left us both laughing out loud.

Not only did he let me go without even a warning, he told me there was another speed trap down the highway but he was calling ahead to let the other officer know to let me get through as long as I promised to keep it under 70 :sunglasses:


Enzo-Tv you are one hundred an ten percent, RIGHT, :100::bangbang::bangbang::bangbang::us::chile: NEVER TAKE OUT YOUR EDC, if ASKED, by an LAW, ENFORCEMENT OFFICER :bangbang::100: NEVER :bangbang: KEEP YOUR HANDS UP ! And open , AND TELL THE LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER, YOU ARE NOT , taking down your hands TILL THEY RETRIEVE YOUR EDC, :bangbang::100: WHAT A ROOKIE MISTAKE, THAT CAN GET YOU LEAD POISONING SIR , Bobby Jean :chile::us::bangbang::100:

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I think out of habit I would let them know up front whether the state I’m in requires it or not. I feel it’s a courtesy: us:


Last night constitutional carry moved out of committee 7 to 4 vote in favor. There are some other changes we were reading about. A temporary permit was mentioned for folks coming from out of state with valid permits from their states. This would hold them over till they could get their NC permits. A good thing would to be check with the AGs office as this was just in talking phase: us: