I got banned on another message board

That with over 300 million guns in private citizens hands, and at least a trillion rounds of ammunition (the numbers I have seen are significantly higher than that). That if gun owners were the real problem, the world would know it. It was a board on Reddit for /guns.


@Zavier_D … you got banned from a board for posting that meme? It’s on at least two of our threads… so … um, yeah, no banning here for that one :wink:

But hey… I’m saying that as someone who’s been reported to the UN (yes, not kidding, the UN :scream: ) for getting my granddaughter (who’s in her early 30’s) a firearm and teaching her to shoot. So I think you’re in good company here :grin:


It must be tough to buy your own beer in any bar in Mo. with that UN report on your record :rofl:


So @Zee you’re kind of a big deal on the international level. Lol


My life long goal is to get PNG’ ed, by the not in any particular order, EU, Russia, China, or any other Fascist, Socialist, or Communist country. But I am just a poor backwards boy from Alabama, with 4 B.S. degrees, 2 Master’s, and missing 5 classes from my Ph.D. oh and technically 4 professional certifications in.

Gig Brother Google,Microsoft, or NSA this is a joke. A morbidly funny one but a joke still.

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@Sheepdog556 - :laughing: yeah, maybe not :laughing: Mostly it means I’m not putting up with punk-a&& guys who want to date my granddaughter despite her not being interested :wink: … and that I’m making sure she’s properly skilled to protect herself and her daughter should she need to.

For the record, can I just say that Stalkers Suck.

And beyond that, people who think that driving an unlicensed caddy with UN Civil Police decals on the rear quarterpanels (because “it’s cool!”), without a driver’s license, while having pot in the vehicle, and while using an illegal blue light flashing bar in the window… well they may not be understanding how the world works very well.

But yeah, that’s the guy that reported me to the UN. :roll_eyes::crazy_face: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The good news is that apparently filing complaints against him and having our Entirely Awesome local sheriff visit him several times worked - he’s decided to move along. And since he didn’t handle his legal business (yes, for being stopped while driving that unlicensed vehicle without a DL but with pot in the car, and some other things) before leaving the state, he will have a warrant waiting for him if he returns.

@Zavier_D I knew I liked you… as my hubby says… just an edjumacated country boy :wink:
what are your disciplines?


I got banned from Reddit for a comment I made about BLACK LIVES MATTER a few years ago. I said that they were made on THE FALSE PRETENSE THAT MIKE BROWN WAS MURDERED BY THE POLICE OFFICER. When all of the facts came out it turns out that it was SELF DEFENSE. And that witnesses at the scene lied about what really happened. But in court the REAL TRUTH CAME OUT. And someone didn’t like or agree with my comment and reported me for it. And I got banned.

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I self-banned from Reddit,. I got tired of the arguments.

Similar reasoning led to my self-banning from Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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@OldGnome lol :laughing:
Yeah… guess that’s what happened to me on Facebook and a couple other things :joy:

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This is literally the only social media I have and I haven’t been on here for a couple of weeks. No Facebook, no LinkedIn or any of that other junk, too much nonsense out there. I had Facebook while my brother and my son were deployed in the sandbox for communication purposes and I deleted it as soon as my son came home. I don’t know how people can sit and look at that stuff all day, I think there are better ways to spend time. I do like to come here to read posts from like minded folks and occasionally I post a response. It’s nice to know that there are some people out there that still have their wits about them when it comes to 2A and defending themselves and their loved ones.