I continue to evolve my firearm mindset

For me being a responsible firearm owner is to continue to learn. I love to know everything about the guns I own. As my journey continues to own and carry firearms, the laws, culture, political landscape continue to change. I am constantly keeping myself updated on my surrounding state and federal laws. I believe the ATF is like the Mafia. That is my hang-up. Everyone should watch this video. When to draw your EDC. I found it very informative- especially the convince store scenario. I never thought about that… Don’t get complacent in your firearms training. Continue to learn, know your limits and push past them. Be safe have empathy and tolerance


Yeah…getting involved in a third party situation is a huge decision and undertaking…and you better be “life in prison, or the morgue” certain of what the situation is before you pull your gun or otherwise involve yourself in a deadly force incident.

Are you willing to go to prison for the rest of your life for that person you think is the innocent victim? Are you willing to die for that person? …would you jump into a tank populated by Tiger sharks to save that person?

And are you also that certain of the situation?

Examples are everywhere. Guy with a gun pointing it at another person in a stop and rob is the store owner and the guy he’s pointing it at is the robber. Woman screaming about all the danger she’s in to the man holding her down is a suspect who attacked the plainclothes officer that is currently attempting to restrain her while waiting for backup. Guy with a pistol ‘standing over’ the downed GSW victim (not that you could tell it was a “GSW” likely) just stopped a mass shooting.

The mass shooter in the making who just walked past you in Walmart has a tailgunner coming in behind him you haven’t seen yet that will shoot you in the back when you step out to act. The convenience store robber with the gun on the clerk is backed up by not only his getaway driver in the car (who is armed) but also his usual partner with a concealed pistol in his waistband two aisles to your side and slightly behind you.


Excellent video. Thanks for sharing it with us!


Great video! I was just reading a story that involved a lift driver who was rear ended. He had a rider in the car. When he pulled over the other cars passenger exits the vehicle with a rifle. Turns out it was a car jacking in the middle of the day. The Lyft driver convinced the car jacker to allow him to get the rider out to avoid a kidnapping. Once the rider was cleared the man shot both the other driver that rear ended him and his accomplice. They both drove away but ended up in the hospital where they were treated and arrested. I was wondering since the victim was only in danger of losing his car and not his life, was this a justified shooting. Turns out it was because the driver purposefully hit his car and the passenger pointed the rifle at him. I wonder how I would have reacted. Knowing I was cleared of life threatening danger, would I have shot the guy for taking my car? Guess it might depend on how cold it was that day.:cold_face:Might freeze to death