I asked ChatGPT how to prevent mass shootings and this is what I got

Preventing mass shootings is a complex issue that involves multiple factors, including mental health, access to firearms, and social and cultural issues. There are several potential strategies that have been proposed to prevent mass shootings, including:

  1. Strengthening background checks and closing loopholes in the current system to ensure that individuals with a history of violence or mental illness are not able to purchase firearms.
  2. Implementing “red flag” laws, which allow family members, law enforcement, or other individuals to petition a court to remove firearms from someone who poses a threat to themselves or others.
  3. Increasing funding for mental health services and research to better understand and address the underlying causes of violent behavior.
  4. Addressing social and cultural factors that may contribute to violence, such as poverty, inequality, and discrimination.
  5. Increasing security measures in public spaces, such as schools and government buildings, to make it more difficult for individuals to carry out mass shootings.

It’s important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to prevent mass shootings, and a comprehensive approach that addresses multiple factors is likely to be most effective.


That sound reasonable to me, especially in that, law abiding citizens who are responsible owners can still get to own.

I heard a story today of some injuries and accidents that had happened over last summer on the Great Lakes. That recently a group of responsible boat captains, frustrated at first, got together and started an education and training outreach program aimed and lowering some of the accident rates. Will they stop them all, no way, but make a difference, I think they may, noble and worth cause.

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I don’t believe allocating funds to further mental illness studies as a preventative measure will impact mass shootings. If mental illness is causative, and may be someone’s theory, but take a moment to observe the actions of the mentally ill. Notice what they tend NOT to do. Rarely do they set themselves on fire; rarely do they run themselves over with a vehicle; rarely do they cut off their own limbs or appendages; because people that would exhibit this type of behavior would be instantly confined. No, people that do mass shootings are clear in their thinking, which means that same clear thinking ought to be maintained or enacted to discourage such an act or actions. We do things to natures creatures that are out of balance or act ferociously, but somehow, we expect different outcomes when it comes to the ferocious acts of humankind. Somehow, we tend to take on some kind of savior complex, that’s what’s complicated, when the answer may lie in simplicity.


just my opinion BUT…

thinkin these happenings SEEM to come in streams or groups… and in certain areas…

also thinkin some folks with mental health issues are highly susceptible to suggestion…

when certain drugs and words are used on em???

just some thoughts…


I could go on a rant about this but I’m going to try not to. And yes this is my opinion. But let’s face it everyone we are all predators! That is why the eyes are set in the front of our heads and not the sides. Instinctively man is a killer. It is in our DNA from the time we had to pick up a stone and bash some creatures head in to get our protein! I am reminded of all things by a Star Trek episode when Kirk says; yes we are killers but we can choose not to kill today!

When we chose as a species to live in large communities in close proximity to one another we also made the decision to curb certain instincts to survive together. Now often parents are not allowed or unwilling to raise there children with strong moral character. I actually heard a teenager say what has moral character ever done for me? We’ve taken judeo-christian precepts out of the schools, we are bombarded by violence in the news, on the television, in the video games,. It is a 24/7 desensitizing proposition. There are those without the background to understand we must compete and work hard for the things we have. But those same people still have an entitlement attitude that they deserve everything everyone else has without an effort needing be made to obtain them. They get angry and they act inappropriately at times and yes some are just sociopaths.

The society as a whole is devolving. So what do we expect? Society has ignored our most basic instincts to survive and obtain what we need or want. Everyone deserves a trophy there are no winners or losers. Society is living with what it created!

Sorry I guess I just couldn’t help but rant.




word out is a certain senator from cali has again put forward her assault weapons ban…

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Respectfully I can not find where 3 mass shootings occurred within 8 days - ever before


Hmmm how long have folks been medicating their children because doctors & social workers said it was a needed treatment? How many folks have stood up for their criminal children’s behavior? How many folks are buddies with their kids instead of being parents? The list goes on …


Nothing against the psychiatrists of today. But I wonder what Dr. Sigmund Freud would think of today and mass shooter events. He was ahead of his time in that I think he had cross-over sociology theories, despite being more known in psychology.


I think he would say, what he has said, that people are being controlled by their id.

Happy Anniversary @Burdo

This teacher explains the brain, and psycho-social aspects behind decisions and behaviors. Of note, these problems can be seen in various realms, in high profile crimes, and even in high functioning employed adults. When we see hyper aggressive behavior, age ranges from 15-72 (from recent examples).

As a parent, these are statements that were made to me by others. We were to strict, we needed to let her do her own thing. We needed to be her friend

My daughter is less than a year away from becoming a Doctor. Their kids are some combination of the following…

  1. In prison.

  2. Addicted to substances.

  3. Teenage parent.

  4. Aimless, and living off of their family or inheritance.

But they want to know how we raised our daughter to be successful. Yet criticized the way we did it. It wasn’t always easy, there were times we felt defeated and exhausted from sticking to our principles. But raising her with a goal towards the long term, that was our goal. We love our daughter with a depth only other parents will know.

When my wife and I were raising our daughter, we always said it is not our job to be our daughter’s friend. Our job is to be her mother and her father, her parents. To successfully model what is appropriate male behaviour towards women, to model appropriate female behaviour, to support her, to be there for her.

We had 3 simple rules and 1 overarching principle.

Rules. Before we started evening relaxation. No TV until…

  1. Homework had to be done. Never really much of a problem, my daughter was/is very smart. She usually got through her homework before school was over. She has had 2, yes 2 B’s in her entire academic career (she is currently in her final year of medical school), all other grades were A’s. She went to one of the top 10 highest academically achieving High Schools in the nation. The graduating class had an average of $400,000 in scholarships per student. My daughter had approximately $750,000 in scholarships. College has not cost her a penny, any expenses above her scholarships has been paid for from our 529 fund. Or her own work earnings, she has worked full time throughout her college years. She will become a Doctor with $0 debt.

  2. Her chores had to be complete. Her chores were to vacuum 2 rugs, and the stairs of our home. She maintained her private living spaces: her bedroom, playroom, and her bathroom.

  3. Her exercise routine. She chose to be a competition cheer flyer. Her coaches required alternating strength, flexibility, and cardio training. Physically. For fun and relaxation she runs “Spartan” races, is adept in Krav Maga, and a concealed carrier.

The overarching philosophy as a parent was…
If you do something, tell me the truth, you are not in trouble. It was more important to us, that we had 100% honesty and trust between us. Than it was to punish her.

We taught her from a young age about delayed gratification. It was not always easy, but we stuck by those rules and philosophies. I think the proof is in the result.

Parents need to parent. For 18 years we parented. Now we get to continue to support her and to be her advocate and cheerleader. We are very proud of the result and will always love and defend who she has become.

This is my ode to being a proud parent. Our daughter is not who she is despite of us. She is who she is because of us.


AI is as good as who programed the algorithms. I think the suggestions border on lawyer speak. Not impressed. It is not a substitute for thinking on one’s own.

My mom gets asked all the time by her friends how did she get two wonderful sons. I can tell you:
By being disciplined, not abused (yes I was spanked with a belt)
Knowing that if I act a fool at school something was waiting for me at home
Talked to and not at
My parents being there and modeling the right behavior
Knowing that I have two loving parents


I was reared with love, and that love was demonstrated both when I did good and when I did bad; when I did what was right and when I did what was wrong. The differences between each were very distinguishable as well. Strict enforcement was applied to both applications of those expressions of love, too!

Children are like wild horses, that’s why they have to be nurtured, educated, trained, and disciplined, so that when they are older, they will be able to discipline themselves. The parent is to instill measured discipline with firmness and consistency, shown care, concerned, rightness, responsibility, etc., etc.! When this does not happen, no love has been given to that child.

Time-out, behavioral contracts, negotiations, quid pro quos are not elements of child-rearing, but is accepted in today’s society as such. And of course, before someone jumps on me for it; there is another side to the coin that reflects on the would-be parents’ fitness as well. What is being experienced today didn’t just happen, it has been manufactured. At some point society will correct itself, but as to what it will take…I don’t even want to go there. JMO.

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