I am Finding 'Gun Grabber's ' Creepy!

The “voice from the grave” featured first is from Jaycee Webster, who, according to The Shotline, “was shot and killed by a firearm. More effective gun laws could have prevented his death.”

The oxymoronically named Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence gives us a chance to test that supposition:

“That was all shattered when a group of men, unknown to the family, barged into the home. The men were there to buy marijuana. Jaycee had felt isolated in a college far away from home so he left school and found selling marijuana was an easy way to make money. He wouldn’t sell to just anyone. A younger neighborhood boy wanted to get high and Jaycee convinced him it wasn’t the right path to take. For Jaycee, selling the drug was the easiest path. He liked the money and the respect he received from neighborhood kids, but he was only going to sell the drug until he could get his feet back under him and find a school nearby to attend.”

To recap the story above, he was engaged in the criminal drug trade in Baltimore, and violent sociopaths ripped him off and executed him.

But with great claims come great responsibility, so it’s on The Shotline to flesh out for us just what “effective gun laws could have prevented” Oliver Waltz Farley, 19, Re’Quan Kasim Hopson, 21, and Brian Anthony Mackall, 20 (and who wants to bet it wasn’t their first brush with lawlessness), from doing what predators do to prey. As opposed to just infringing on the rights of the “law-abiding”…

But unfortunately the Demoncrats will buy this Bilge, Hook, Line and Sinker.
It’s really sad how some on the Left can’t think for themselves and need to be
lead by the nose (Hence the ‘Sheep-Shepple’ reference) to the Voting booths.
(To their own destruction I might add)

–and just in case you were wondering: Did I check it out myself? NOPE! the article was sufficiently
stupid and informative enough for me without going any further. I don’t need to get hit by a Truck to
know that would suck! —just sayin’

No step on my snek!


I am not the sharpest tool in the shed. I find this stuff very difficult to read. I think the gun grabbers are the reason many people are responsibly armed. Isn’t this the end goal?

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You Sir, are a very nice guy. Your heart is in the right place
Difficult times we live in today Brother
Some of us, CHECK that, I am a little more Hardened than most
Seen too much, Did to much. This is possibly why these days
wear on me so much. Other guy’s let this crap roll off them I can’t
I cannot stand Injustice , senseless suffering, Innocents harmed.
Everywhere I’ve been has had needless slaughter. I gets to you after a while.
I don’t even want to be a Guard anymore. I just keep pulling back father
away from Society (and it eases the pain)
maybe I’ll take a harmless job like Crime Scene Cleaner, :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Maybe I can Bleach my soul clean! :rofl: :rofl:
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:There’s probably some truth in this…

I am sorry it’s hard on you, It’s hard on too many folks
Arming up should be a RIGHT, now it’s a necessity, and that’s sad.
If this truly was ‘The Russians’ or the …Mongols Invading that would be one thing
But this is our own people trying to destroy us. And that my Brother is Unacceptable.
So, Once more into the Breech ! We Gunner’s will go (My final Battle)
I should have died a long time ago w/ my Brothers but now maybe I was spared for
this last Cleansing. This Final Battle against SATAN. I talk to my Dead Brothers a lot now.
i was never this Chatty in the past, Kept to myself a lot. But as I’ve said (a LOT!)
Maybe part of my JOB now is to wake up the other LIONS! I feel this is going to be necessary.
YOU ARE SHARP man. Please don’t think any different. We value your input

Stay Frosty Brother