Hunter's Safety

Bowhunting has started in Wisconsin and gun hunting is coming up quickly. I love sharing this meme every fall.

One of my sons started hunting a few years ago and was the oldest “kid” in his hunters’ safety class. He enjoyed the class and a lot of the safety aspect was a review (he thanked me for the prior knowledge).

Do you hunt? What information is the most important in your hunters’ safety classes?


I recommend Hunters Safety to anybody…hunt or not.

I also think Children should be required to take this course
just because of gun safety teach. (Not that a parent could
not do it, but when they see other kids interacting and obeying rules they would want too)

The Season is HERE! I can smell my pine trees in the air! I just won’t smoke blowing out my mouth now(From the cold…have to specify that these days :joy::joy:)
Its not even cool here in Louisiana yet… it will not be until closer until the end of Oct.


Like you mentioned a lot of the safety taught in the class was review for my kids. They have been in the field with me since they were old enough to keep up (within reason, I avoided taking them on the late season “death marches” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ) . We started with a cap gun that was to be treated as if it was real, muzzle safety was the big thing a this stage. Then a BB gun (coup de gras on downed birds). Finally a shotgun and the first season they hunt only with me, this was usually close to the age where they were old enough for hunter’s safety class. The informal training makes a difference, my youngest tagged along and passed the test accidently (if a man with a badge hands you a test you take it) even though he had not been there for the instruction. The DNR Officer coming into the class to talk with the kids was valuable. We hunt family ground more often than not and don’t often see DNR officers, so the class made them more human and less intimidating to kids. One officer went as far as giving out his phone number for kids to call him if they forgot their permit or license when they left the house for the field.

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I really enjoy reading this. It never gets old.

One of the best things I ever heard was “you can never take the bullet back.”

I had a lot of exposure to hunting and firearms as a child, but that phrase resonated with me.


Yes, Most important? How to always deal with game wardens in a polite, courteous, and respectful manner.

GW’s have a whole lot of discretion when dealing with subjects in the field and getting sideways with them can easily turn a warning or 50.00 ticket into thousands of dollars and jail/prison time along with losing your hunting privileges for years, decades, or life.