Hunter's Handgun

An interesting coincidence.
Hunter Biden purchased a Colt Cobra.
The handgun Jack Ruby used to kill Lee Havey Oswald was a Colt Cobra
—and older version with an optional hammer shroud, but a Colt Cobra none the less.


Nothing but the best for numba one crackhead Son 'ey?

(the ‘PARDON’ has already been signed) 06/03/2024

GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham (leftist rhino) Defends Hunter Biden From Federal Gun Charges

What did I just say?—Huffington Post article Their Media whores are already on it!


Imagine, prosecuting the Presidents Son, for a stupid crime, After charges had dropped and revived, in a friendly State Court, during an election year. That kind of thing NEVER Happens in America.


My thoughts.

High chance of maximum fine.
High chance of probation.
Low chance of house arrest.
Zero chance of jail time.

Zero chance of pardon unless someone sentences jail time.

By the way, I am speaking of both Hunter and Donald.


Ex-Secret Service Member in Hunter Biden Jury Raises Questions–Newsweek

Hey! A rigged Jury? Say it ain’t so Joe! Nah! He’d vote with his heart right?
Protect Numba one Son at all costs right?
You know in the old days the ‘Mob’ would gather their Farm Implements
and torches, storm the Castle and kill Frankenstein and his Monster.

There is zero crimes this .gov won’t commit.
They have been breaking laws and killing citizens for the last 4 years–why stop now?


I don’t think they are spending months & millions getting Donald for a $130,000 alleged crime, only to give him a slap on the wrist, but we’ll see.


I have credible sources that say Hunter may have been involved.

If you can’t believe him, who can you believe :question::sunglasses:


:rofl: That pic reminds me of a torie from the revolutionary war.


“If it can happen to Trump, it can happen to you”. That’s right, it’s about time rich people are being charged with crimes that only poor people used to be charged with.

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“I WAS FRAMED!” YOU’LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE Cu’s! Donald (the other one!)


@Don102 how in the world did you post this before @Karacal did?! You beat him to the draw! :rofl:


Sometimes I am a FASTER PUSSYKAT! (being a Wild Weazel!)


So divisive, and delusional. Rich or poor, red or blue, lawfare is the beginning of the end for all of us. You really need to go outside once in a while instead of being programmed by your TV.


As a science geek, that was freaking hilarious!


Is the work of the Republican party and Donald Trump they need to leave Hunter Biden alone



Hunter needs to be ( ___________)….if you or I ever made that same mistake of checking the box incorrectly, tossing the gun in a trash can, leaving it available for anyone to get their hands on it, while high on crack, we would be spending, at minimum the next 3 - 5 years in prison. And because we stand for the 2A they would probably tack on another 3 years in solitary!

Man, was I wrong about a whole lot of things, for instance, I didn’t know that being stoned out of my face while purchasing a gun was an excuse for checking the wrong box….my bad! WTF :question:

If ever there was an open and shut case or a slam dunk, this is it!
Soon we’ll know for sure how corrupt this administration is!
I think it’s called HUBRIS :exclamation:

He should be sentenced to 12 years, 6 in solitary! His purchase, I consider INSURRECTION and should be treated accordingly!


As a kid actor said in Bruce Willis’ ‘The kid’----“Pretty Darn!”


I like it! I am an independent, and have voted, over the years, for losers in both parties. I believe in the 2-party system (or more), however combat politics is freezing the process, so it no longer works as intended. putting forward unqualified and disastrous candidates is part of the " how ridiculous can you get and still win" mantra of the parties. Where are our young titans? I can’t wait, and hope to see, new, young people with a novel world view who bring us in a whole new direction! This toxic morass is the real danger to out Democracy (representative Republic). It endangers our freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. The comments on this page are insightful, and I would like to see them turned to a long view (beyond the 2 idiots running now) and the ideas that must be brought forth. Of the two, Trump is far more dangerous, because he has no moral compass. Biden has a retinue of advisors that will keep his policies on course for 4 more years, pending a selection of VERY new blood by both parties! I pray for that.

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