Hundreds Of People Line Up Outside Gun Store In Orem

What do you think of ammo squared? I have yet to try them I saw something from one of the warehouses on line, That was asking folks to place orders for stuff that is presently back ordered… I don’t think so on that deal

Man that sure gave me a different feel to standing in line

Thanks for the info rocketpak, we are not too far from Orem! Guess we missed out. would have been fun to visit with other patriots! Salt Lake city, as a major city, could be another area for some type of unrest. Lots of military fellows…

Salt Lake is a great city for us to get away for a lunch date, or a weekend getaway!

The LDS church has pockets of patriots and or gun nuts. In our area at least.

I have been a subscriber to AmmoSquared for going on 2 years. It was all good up until we started experiencing the “ammo crisis.” I had received 3 full shipments of 9mm & 556 until last time… just 4 boxes of 9mm. Everything else, I’m told, is on back order.

So, I’ll see how long this happens. But, AmmoSquared is not immune to the shortages.


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Thanks I appreciate the info

You have to find someone who has 9mm which is really tough!

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It’s out there. Bought WW defense rnds today. You just have to keep looking.