Hundreds Of People Line Up Outside Gun Store In Orem


People seem to be quite anxious.


Yes, and there seem to be an awful lot of people throwing fuel on the wood pile.

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That seems to be a scene repeated elsewhere also. Exciting and scary at the same time.


Yeah, exciting and scary. Kind of like sitting in the Challenger on a cold morning, I imagine.


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I just bought 500 rnds of 45 ACP online from
I hope it doesn’t take long to reach me.

This one question continues to loom in the back of my mind… Will there be grandfather clauses for any forthcoming bans? I ask because there seem to be many new gun owners (2020) who may not realize their voting may have elected folks who are against their RIGHT to own & carry firearms?

:loudspeaker:Gun show yesterday in next county over… 9mm at or around $1 per round! :grimacing:


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You know you can order 9mm for about .60¢/rnd online right?

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That’s how it usually works. But there are drafts being floated around right now, and not all of them include that option. To his credit, Beto has been honest about this. Of course, that cost him the primaries, but don’t tell that to the anti-2A folks trying to ram this through Congress.

I wonder what that would do to our society if all the legal firearms owners were suddenly declared to be criminals?


We might soon find out.


This type of thing happened back when Obama was talking about taking guns away. Firearms sales went through the roof. And now we’re seeing it happen again. And it is because people are afraid that the ANTI-GUN ELECTED OFFICIALS IN DC will start trying to do just what they’ve been saying for years now that they have total control of the Federal government. And a lot of Americans want to be able to defend themselves and to be able to defend our Constitutional Rights that they are seeing slowly being taken away from them. And I feel that it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

Yeah online is always cheaper. My AmmoSquared account keeps me straight though. Just saying… that’s what’s going on locally.


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and Morton Thiokol management has just told their Lead Engineers to STFU…

And 99% of them are poor planners, while the other 1% are over planning.

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I can’t help but recommend you remove that last post. Doesn’t look good right now.

The last time I was in Utah for any period of time I was told the Mormon Church encourage their members to stock up for survival. You are supposed to have a supply of dry goods and supplies above and beyond what you would consume on a regular basis. I would not be surprised if that attitude extends to weapons and ammunition as well. It is a supposition on my part but I was at a home when a church elder came by to check on a friends food supply. I don’t think they were jerking my chain.

@Robert5 Their not jerking your chain. Lots of good info. :+1:

You’re absolutely correct sir. I’m the one usually extending that advice to others and now find myself making that same error and have removed the post per your recommendation.

But in all fairness to myself and truth, I didn’t mean it as product needed for any trouble coming during or after the inauguration. What I meant was getting the product now while it’s still legal and available because not only is all that product now becoming very scare and slim in inventories, but it is very possible this new incoming potus will work to ban it all. I was simply making a statement that I was getting product now while it was still legal and available, even at inflated pricing models. I’m also never one to EVER post ANYTHING about firearm ownership AT ALL and in fact, on social sites, the few times the conversation would come up I even stated that I hated firearms and were against 'em 'cause they scared me. In other words, I always gave absolutely NO INFORMATION WHATSOEVER about having firearms or related products, but in this case, again, somehow my brain burped or my elevator stopped before reaching the top floor. I can’t explain what happened. I think however that it was because this is a USCCA site, I voluntarily gave that information up by letting my guard down and feeling a false sense of security here. But, I did in fact still remove the post per your thoughts expressed to me and I am thankful for you forwarding that concern to me nonetheless. Thanks.

Thanks for bringing that to my attention.


Yes, that’s true (not sure every sect of the Mormon Church is that way), I had friends in high school who had 3 years worth of food stored. They made almost all of their food from scratch - no frozen pizzas or cake mixes.

Never talked about firearms with them.