Huge Fireball After Russia Hits Ukraine "Ammunition Depot"

It’s amazing how major News Networks aren’t covering this.


There goes all our money. We got money for other peoples wars, but we don’t have money to feed the poor in our own house. Smh.


We’ve also got money to support protecting Ukraine’s border while ours is open to all.


We got plenty of money to feed the “poor”, as long as they enter the country illegally and we believe they’ll vote Democrat. What we don’t have money for is to treat our elderly right, or give vets the top level of healthcare they have earned, or take on the drug crisis that is killing our young in record numbers.


Why is it amazing MSM doesn’t cover REAL news?
They are bought and paid for by the Biden regime.
This is S0cialist/marxist doctrine, control the News
Control the populas.
Gobbel’s was more important to Hitler than his Generals.
Gobbel’s speeches did more to ‘wined up’ the masses than many
battle field successes. Today with a 24 hour news (choke) cycle
you can have unlimited HATE round the clock. Putin dies (then he gives a
speech (2) days later, Trump is insane (then 10K people show up to welcome
him home to Maro after that contrived trial… We The People shouldn’t buy
into their bilge. Twitter, faceplant, cnn should all be considered ‘Enemies of the state’.
We should stop giving our enemies a platform that keeps the Sheep asleep.
81 million people voted for Turnip head…I think not, ‘He’s doing a good job!’ (barf)
Does ANYONE here think ‘Pudding pants Pedo Joe’ is doing a good Job?.. ANYONE?
Does ANYONE think little ukraine can really stand up to the RUSSIAN BEAR?
This article is a clear example that Russia has it’s act together and is not
(according to lame stream media) losing thousands of troops a day, navy
running scared etc. Thank you Leo, good Topic.


I remember my grandfather telling me that V1 rockets were no big deal. The rockets themselves didn’t do that much damage, but Soldiers would walk away from any ammo stores, in case they got hit.

He also said V2s were terrifying, because you didn’t hear them coming.


Yes, Hitler knew how to terrify the other side. V1, V2’s, Stuka’s with that ‘Howling nose cone’ when they dove down… terrifying.

…and now the enemy is using ‘Train Wrecks’, Bio weapons, Weather events, Weapons against our food supplies, electrical grid…yepper my friends the ‘powers’ that be want us demoralized, cold, hungry, angry and tired. They want us to live in fear of each other. Russia is standing Tall and showing ukraine the ‘What for!’ We should be taking notes.


We just printed that money which created the inflation we now “enjoy.” Maybe the smoke and fireball was the money burning up.


Hmmm wonder what will happen to the people’s ammo supplies. Guess it’ll be pretty slim once again…


Why am I thinking false flag and Putin is on a beach somewhere laughing his ass off, that Zelenskyy just blew up all the American cash!
Putin is still laughing about how he blew up the Nordstream Pipeline!
We are being so manipulated, it is funny!