Appearantly an alleged exchange about wearing a mask caused this man to pull his weapon and point it at a man who is with a little girl. Until all the facts are sorted out it looks like he may have been in the wrong. But, we don’t know for certain. On the surface this looks to be different than the incident of the woman in the restaurant parking lot from a couple of weeks ago.
Is this an unintended consequence of all the hype and hysteria surrounding the pandemic? Being forced by governments to abide by their edicts, right or wrong. Is this what will happen as we get backed further into a corner? I wonder what is going to happen when enough becomes enough.

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S.Fla is the land of many psychos. Worse than other places I’ve lived. Don’t blame CV19 hysteria, if not the mask, it would be the parking spot, or the T-shirt, or looked the wrong way, etc. I hope they find the suspect and throw the book at him. The jerk who thinks he is mask police hopefully learned his lesson as well -leave people alone!

Transient places create all kinds of problems.