Pretty much any lethal booby trap will send you to prison.


`Research and read about the subject and laws regarding MAN-TRAPS - those using lethal or deadly force are absolutely illegal and verboten in the U.S., and elsewhere around the world. Man-traps of even the non-lethal type have been illegal since 1827 in England, except for the hours from sunset to sunrise. FYI


From the mouth of the instructor at my CC Class.
“We Protect Lives NOT Stuff.”


I believe in CA a set gun will earn you a first degree murder charge. If that is the million dollar question, do not call me as your expert.

I would be willing to be a large coffee at Starbucks (that’s a big money bet in my league) that almost every DA in CA will charge you with first degree although may accept a plea to a lesser included offense to move the calendar along.