How would you survive an attack from a group of Jackals?

• I have watched a kid being chased by others and then defending himself with a rifle.
• Have watched videos of 4 guys retreating through a parking ramp being chased by Antifa, and attacked as they retreated. Hit and run.
• Also several videos of people being attacked in cars or dragged from cars.
• There are many videos that have shown how the Antifa will cull out a person from the herd and attack that person as they attempt to leave the area. They get them separated from their friends.

I remember a nature video of Jackals attacking lions. The Jackal attacking the lion would attack from behind while another would distract from the front. Very good tactics on their part. Wolves are able to work as a team also with similar results.

This is exactly what is happening on our streets from coast to coast. The feral youth in this country appear to be organized, or coordinated in their attacks similar to the Jackal. They stick together and move together. They have pretty good communications. You saw recently the Jackals even attacking people as the eat at a restaurant, and zeroing in on one or two of the “weaker” ones. No place seems to be safe now.

My point in all of this is that the law abiding citizen needs to start changing our tactics ourselves. We need to think about going down town for dinner. Going shopping, or just driving some parts of town. We need to be moving with groups or friends. Form a buddy system or put a squad together that can work together if they are going to an event. Car pools might be the future for us.

So, the point of this post would be “What are some things we can do to work together when going out”.

I don’t want to start a name calling post with insults. Just a discussion of how to survive when you find out a group just came around the corner and find you in their path.


Clean and oil your weapons, lock and load, aim for the head! We were fine til they brought all this crap upon us. They have forced good people to do bad things. No retreat no surrender. Fight for your life, live another day, rinse and repeat! Cold, you say, cold are the endorsements of death and outright violence by elected officials who swore an oath to protect its citizens. I see NO protections.
There’s no way I will start shopping in squad formation, unless they require me to do so! I believe I am taking a chance shopping and dining on my own or even with my wife. So I limit where and how I do all things that used to be normal!


I think the most important thing we can do is to be situationally aware. I’ve been at red when I am out of my home now. I Google my routes ahead of time now. I check to see if any alerts are out for possible “peaceful rioters”. Then I avoid those areas like crazy.


I think having multiple levels of response in your toolkit would be helpful…

Verbal judo
Physical judo (or some other unarmed combat skill)
Pepper spray
Tac Pen (or similar item)

I’m not saying you would go through that list as a type of checklist, but I think having a variety of options (including non-leathal) gives you choices…and choices are a good thing.


Those things were normal when we maintained condition yellow on a normal day and you felt you may be mugged, being accosted by a group of jackals, the nature channel may differ in its response by the lion! The lion has tools also which do you think the lion will use to protect itself and it’s young? Sure it may attempt verbal judo, however I’ve seen what happens when that fails!


I think that was exactly my point and we’re in agreement.

When something like a pack of hyenas comes along threatening a lion…they start off with roaring attempting to scare them off as well as the males standing up and making a show of their size. That’s best for all parties involved, the lions save energy and don’t risk an injury that may have long term effects…they hyenas live to scrounge another day. But as you said…if it doesn’t work…then it’s claws and teeth.

I agree.


Project strength. As was pointed out, these aggressors, go after those perceived as week. I’ve been told I come across as a little intimidating. Good. I want those who do harm to others to look at me, and believe I am everything their darkest nightmares are made of. I want them to imagine the horrors that would befall them, if they mess with my loved ones. I want to be a grey man, but, if they turn their gaze to me, what they see makes them shiver.
From how I dress, how I hold myself, how I walk, even how much 5 o’clock shadow I have, I want to look “mean” enough to deter someone’s bad intentions, all while looking passive enough to not become a target.


I would say first and foremost if you are being run down get your back to a wall where you can see all of your potential opponents. That wall can be a building or a shelf or a car but limit your attackers access to an area that you can see. Unfortunately that limits your mobility but at that point it is time to take a stand as you have no other options if you are being herded. Then standard rules apply, take out the biggest loud mouth of the bunch and anyone who doesn’t bolt, they are next.