How would self-defense go in this case?

The victim causes some kind of offence to the brute, gets beaten into hospital bed. Forget the Alzheimer angle, the brute could not have known. Imagine what would happen if the victim defended himself. Does anyone see any similarity to Michael Drejka?

I actually don’t see similarity to Drejka incident.
In that old case I was able to understand why the victim attacked Drejka, his girlfriend was confronted before.

Here two dudes were just angry because somebody was trying to access their car… I don’t even see any reason to beat old man.

It’s hard to comment such incidents. No wonder why we experience “racism” all the time… :zipper_mouth_face:


Drejka’s “victim” (per the jury) had extasy running very thick in his veins, and he saw a person he had never seen before, verbally confronting his girlfriend. He flew off the handle at that point.

In this case, since the victim (no quotes) did something the two distinguished gentlemen found offensive, ie, “he started it”, would an attempt at self defense be considered assault and attempted murder against the two gentlemen. Using Drejka as precedent.

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Michael Drejka - 47 years old
Markeis McGlockton - 28 years old

Drejka was attacked because he confronted a woman in the car. There were also 2 kids (3 y, 4mths) inside the car.

Florentino Hurtado - 69 years old
Trayvion Lockridge - ??? (couldn’t find his age, but I’m guessing he is in 20’s)

Hurtado was confronted by 2 younger men and then attacked by one of them because he was touching the car… not even acting as a thief.

If I want to judge them I must act like a prudent person, trying to understand the whole situation and trying to imagine, what I would do in such situation.
There is a difference pushing somebody into the ground, knowing my girlfriend and two her kids might be in danger vs. pushing the old man because he was trying to open my empty car. Huge difference.


Agree. I don’t see any similarity at all


I agree, in one case there had been occupants in the car, in the other - empty car. I have no intention to retry Drejka’s case here. I see significant violence in both cases, in response to purely verbal conflict, or in response to perceived threat to the car. The old man appeared like he was stealing or keying the paint or disrespecting the vehicle. Was it a factor that makes self defense on his part illegal.

So far, two opinions say he was still within his right to defend himself. I wonder if anyone dissents?


Both incidents were just stupid. Like all of violent actions. Anger, need of power and stupidity.
In normal circumstances (I doubt those even exist) everything can be talked over.
In both incidents simple “hey, what are you doing, what do you want” would explain and finish everything peacefully.

Drejka shooting can still be discussed. Depending how we look into it, his shooting might be considered as self defense. However in my opinion he was too nervous with the trigger…
Beating 69 y old man doesn’t have any rational explanation.


To my mind, the issues with Dreijka are

  1. He started it trying to be mr parking lot patrol
  2. He had time to think about pulling the trigger while sitting on the ground as the person who pushed him was turning to walk away

These cases are different enough that one should not influence the other. An old man attempting to enter the wrong vehicle does not justify assault. Neither would mistakenly thinking he was keying their vehicle. Not to mention that the attackers robbed the victim after they put him on the ground. I find it very hard to justify their actions in any way.

I think the disparity of force and brutality of the attack would justify the victim’s use of force in self defense if he was able to do so.


IMHO there was an over reaction here plus IIRC the assailant proceeded to rob the old man after???

was IMHO and unnecessary reaction taken too far… the attacker should face consequences…

however depending on the state and DA who knows…