How was YOUR dinner? What would you do?

Find the 2 videos in the below link. Then what would you do?


Pull my wife behind me towards the exit and advise her to leave, call 911 and start recording on her phone…advise the “protestor” (which is really not what they are at that point since they are verbally assaulting my wife and I) to stand back out of my personal space and to stop threatening my wife and I. I would try and keep at least a 3ft barrier (maybe using tables/chairs to assist that).

Assuming my wife is successfully navigating her way out of the restaurant I will follow her outside and attempt to leave the building and wait for police (because I’m pressing charges for assault or whatever may be applicable).

If wife came to an impasse on her way out, I would go to where she was and reiterate to the person/crowd, they needed to back off our personal space and stop threatening my wife and I and attempt to continue to try and egress.

They have no weapons I can see, so I wouldn’t go to my firearm, but my OC spray would be in my hand and I’d be ready to dispense if they crossed a line and got too close or intimated they were about to get physical (not sure what that line is, I would need to decide at that point depending on the circumstances).

I’m not raising a fist, I’m not engaging them in discussion.


That video shows a woman in a bad predicament. Her back is to a wall and glass window. She’s got no escape route. IMHO I would do what she did, just sit their and let them yell or speak and say what they had to say and move on. I would be praying that they didn’t attack me. This is a situation that if you even try to get up they may attack you.


Great point. :thinking:


Although this has happnened to a number of people already, it’s one of those “what if” moments. One never knows what will unfold until the predicament occurs.

Hopefully, the mgt of the establishment, although probably not directly confronting the disruptors, has already dialed 911, and other patrons are recording the situation on their phones. Pretty much guaranteed some of the disruptors are recording it, because they feed on the fear they (as a group) instill on their victims.

Once again, one of many “what if” situations.


If you ever had to live in or walk through a questionable neighborhood, you know bad actors sit on their porches, sometimes in groups, looking for entertainment, and you are not supposed to respond to “hey you, come here!” directed at you. Same goes for public transportation –do not get tangled with bad guys. Same for the restaurant, though roles have switched, you are in your chair, and baddies are walking past.


We should not be in theses situations!


Absolutely agree 100 percent @Scott52



Any questions?


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