How to undo the damage


I like many of the suggestions in this article.

Though I don’t think Biden has actually managed to do a whole lot of permanent damage to the 2A YET despite all his Constitution violating attempts. Most of his efforts have been thrown out or at least held up by the courts. For better or worse his administration is very inept at just about everything they try to accomplish.

But even ineptly trying to illegally infringe on citizens rights is a violation of his oath to defend the constitution. So I would add impeaching Biden and his gun czar Harris for their 2A violations to the list of undoing the damage. Not that it would do any real good.


I have some bad news and some good news. The bad news is we can’t undo what’s already been done. The good news we can be armed and train to protect innocent lives. We can fight for our 2A rights. We can encourage others to do the same. Politicly,???


Depending on what state you live in. Not all can, especially talking out and about other than inside your own home


First we have to fight for our first amendment right. I know we shouldn’t have to but if we do, we do.

I heard gun laws are like a rachet – they only tighten and never loosen.


I am not sure I follow. All my ratchets tighten and loosen. It seems like more and more people are buying guns and learning how to be responsible with them. Would you agree? Just trying to figure what you are talking about. Nothing personal. No malice intended.

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I think this is the kind of rachet mechanism the analogy applies to, not the rachet you and I might have in our tool collection. It’s one way.


or handcuffs. :sunglasses:

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I have a suggestion, read the actual wording of The Declaration of Independence then get back and talk about what we can do do change things

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If you are suggesting applying the words of the Declaration of Independence to our current government, I think that would not go as well as some would like to think.

I have laid it out elsewhere here in more detail but the short version is that our corrupt and bankrupt government would benefit greatly from an armed uprising. The government could have easily stoped the events on January 6. They had dozens of paid informants in the crowd, some of them likely egging the crowd on. But they allowed, if not facilitated, it to proceed because it benefited their agenda and exposed those most willing to act with violence to legal prosecution. Imagine the suspension of constitutional rights they could unleash if there was a real armed uprising they could point at. That is an authoritarians wet dream.

An armed uprising against a corrupt government is a romantic idea. But the reality would be gruesome. This government isn’t an ocean away and the French won’t help us this time. The only real winners would be Russia, China and the UN peacekeeping force, and their one world government supporters, that would be brought in to help put down the “treasonous attack” against the U.S. government.

I believe working within the system, or if need be peaceful non compliance, would be far more effective. Especially since both are backed up by the nuclear option of armed resistance. But like the real nuclear option, that is a threat best left unused because once it is unleashed everyone involved loses.