How to Safely Stop a Killer!

How to Safely Stop a Killer!

How A 14-year-old boy saved a woman from a Killer in Michigan.

The woman in this news story is alive today because she and a 14-year-old boy used an ancient strategy that could save your life one day.

Here is what happened.

James Persyn, the third, was at home in Shepherd, Michigan, watching his siblings: Angus 2 and Acelin 11 at 10 p.m.

Without warning, the children hear banging on the door, and a woman screaming like she was going to die. James, who was 14 years old, opened the door, and the woman ran into the kitchen. She was a scary sight, wrapped in clear plastic tape with bruises on her face. She had been abducted and raped by an ex-convict.

1. The woman had escaped from the rapists and ran, creating distance.

She screamed, “A man kidnapped me and is trying to kill me.”

2. The woman got help.

Acelin looked out the window and saw a car creeping up the long driveway.

James locked both doors.

3.Create an effective barricade that will stop the threat

He leads everyone into the bathroom, on the way he grabs his Labrador Retriever.

4.Large dogs with loud barks draw attention and scare away some predators.

He also grabbed his hunting knife, the only weapon he had.

The woman and children hide in the bathtub. James hands the woman his cell phone, and she calls 911. After she talks to the police, James calls his dad, who is at a nearby store. There is help on the way.

5. James and the woman both Call for Help.

Eric Ramsey is outside pounding on the doors, screaming: “Let me in, or I’ll kill you!” Eric Ramsey is an ex-convict who served time in prison.

It gets quiet, and they wondered if he’d left.

But Ramsey was going to burn them alive. He grabbed gas cans from a ford escape and soaked the house in gasoline, lighting the home on fire. Ramsey fled with the woman and children still inside the house.

James Sr., the father, raced home in the darkness and found his home ablaze. He had forgotten his keys because he had left in such a hurry, so he pounded on the door.

The children did not realize it was him. But they opened the door when they saw the police car pull up. The threat was gone, and they were safe.

6. Stay behind your Barricade until help arrives if possible.

This 14-year-old boy stopped the ex-convict who raped the women from killing her and his siblings, without fighting him.

I doubt very much either of them had any training, so they just did what came naturally. This terrible incident showed me that the strategy I was taught works even for 14-year-old boys without a gun.

The woman survived because the following seven steps were taken.

  1. Escape
  2. Create Distance
  3. Erect a Barricade
  4. Use a Deterrent
  5. Call for Help
  6. Wait for Help to Arrive from behind your barricade.
  7. Have a defensive tool in case the predator defeats your obstacle.

This strategy saves lives. I know some people may say the 14-year-old boy was a coward for hiding behind a dog and a locked door. However, he protected the woman and his siblings and himself and avoided any legal problems all at once.

He was a hero without using violence or a gun.

If you have a teenage son or grandson would you be proud of him if he did what James did here?


Anyone who would say he was a coward is just plain ignorant.


I posted this story in a Facebook group devoted to firearms and someone said the boy was a coward for hiding behind his dog and a locked door. As far as I am concerned the kid was a hero for what he did.


Ignore the FB arm-chair quarter backs. Until they are in that 14 year olds situation they have no idea what they will do. The kid protected the woman and kept the kids he was watching safe, that is a win.


I’m not sure it’s safe to open the front door to strangers at 10pm.

My 14-year old self would’ve placed a 911 call right then and there.