How to respond to latest shootings.

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You can only blame the shooter. However I believe it is in some part due to the lack of God in our lives, and the lack of morals being taught. When you have news media spreading propaganda, our elected officials doing the same, and the lack of common sense, and no desire to get to the real truth; it is no wonder you have these misguided individuals doing evil things. Being a Constitutional conservative I believe that every gun law that has been past is unconstitutional. I for one would rather have a gun and not need it than the other way around.


It is my understanding that only about 38% of the convicted felons and adjudicated violent offenders are actually put onto the prohibited list used for background checks because Congress did not make it mandatory that these names be submitted. This needs to be remedied.
Also, violent offenders and those who use guns to commit crimes often are allowed to plead to lesser charges keeping them out of the realm of ‘felons’, so they, too, escape going on the list. This should never happen! Closing these two loopholes would tighten the law significantly.
In most of these cases, there were people who knew the perpetrator was likely to commit violence because of posts online, and comments made in the presence of others. We need a campaign to encourage these warnings to be reported and followed up on. Investigators can seek from a judge a 5 day mental evaluation in a hospital. If at the end of the 5 days the person is found to be mentally unstable, they should go onto the prohibited list.
The problem I have with ‘red flag’ laws is that there are people who would turn someone in out of vindictiveness with no basis in fact. Those who do so should face jail time. (akin to a woman accusing rape, then 10 yrs later admitting it never happened), thus the wording of these laws should be very carefully constructed.
The other problem I have with these red flag laws is that anti-2nd Amendment politicians will use them to ban entire groups of people for political purposes, again if they are not very carefully worded.

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it is difficult to impossible to use a logical argument when dealing with an emotional argument. Gun owners want to keep the Second Amendment for protection of themselves and their families, while honest (i.e. not political) gun control advocates believe that fewer guns (especially the dreaded so called “assault weapon”, which has yet to be defined). The gun owner needs to recognize the fact that he gun control advocate may well be frighted by anything more than a water pistol, so attempt to use analogies:

One such starting point might be - do you know every day, 29 people in the United States die in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. In 2016 10,497 people died in alcohol-impaired driving crashes, and of that were 1,233 traffic deaths among children ages 0 to 14 years (who were passengers). And, this number is rapidly being challenged by drivers who are distracted by using cell phones or other electronic devices while attempting to drive. We have a multitude of laws against driving intoxicated or distracted, we even have laws requiring the use of seat-belts as well as little bells that ring when the seat-belt is not used. Why is there no device to prevent a drunk to drive, or to activate an alarm when the driver is using a cell phone?

The discussion can then be slowly lead around to gun control and how politicians are using it in an attempt to have PEOPLE CONTROL

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Personal responsibility and stop making celebrities out of them. They are treating it like a competition and the media outlets are giving them the platform.

I’m not saying don’t report it or talk about it. But his name and picture are not necessary. These vile pieces of trash should rot in a cell somewhere so they can be forgotten.

Also stop putting soap boxes on the bodies and graves of victims while proclaiming to your ideals are righteous and good.

These are tragedies not talking points

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First and for most stop blaming the guns for killing people . Now that is out of the way from this point on I can only speak for myself it is a shame that people lost there lives it is in deeded a sad day for families who lost love ones . I’m sorry for your lost .But every time something goes wrong you get these nut jobs screaming or protesting gun control .But in fact they a fueled by the Media this will go on for awhile now on the net . Some thing does need to be done but you cant punish the people who are lawful owners of firearms who care in there own way. Maybe its time to make it mandator that every state and that all 50 of them go back to a waiting period and doing CCW classes or maybe do away with these online sales of weapons too just might save someone’s life too Im sorry if I offend some on here

That is a good point. I was in a discussion with a lawyer with Kentucky’s Department of Criminal Justice Training, the emergency management director and a deputy chief of police about this. In Kentucky, unless the person gets arrested, they do not make it in to NCIC. This is a rather frequent occurrence. Here’s why:
If a person is charged with a felony and they are not arrested on a warrant, they never go to the jail and are not fingerprinted. Nothing goes to NCIC unless there are fingerprints. So if someone knows they have a warrant and work to turn themselves in without the warrant being served and them being taken to jail, they are not in NCIC. Also, if a criminal summons is issued and not a warrant, they show up at court and never go to jail. And if in the adjudication of the charges they do not go to jail or prison, there are no fingerprints. No fingerprints equals noting in NCIC.

@Sheepdog556 I would like to disagree just a little bit.

I would like FECC to take over the air waves of the entire national media infrastructure for one hour, every channel. For the witnessing of a hanging of "pick a mass murderer ". Don’t mention his/her name but only identify them as the murderer of: List the names and pictures of the fallen.

Let the American public see what happens when you want to become famous by killing. Let them see the bounce, watch the body lose bowel an bladder control and even develop the post mortem priapisim (if male) .

Did you ever wonder why in the painting of a hanging the person in the Revolutionary war was always dressed in white? To show just that as an embarrassment. They also let the body swing for four days just to make sure everyone had a chance to see.

One god hanging would change a lot of minds about personal responsibility and the penalty for murder.



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