How to commit ballot fraud. A Text Book from the State of Utah

Remember the vote was last week
“An update of just under 400 ballots from Sevier County on Monday morning”

“Another small ballot drop from Tooele County”

“before a 4 p.m. update of nearly 150 ballots from Washington County”

“Now, the outcome of her second primary test will likely depend on the hundreds of “challenged” ballots waiting to be remedied”

“Salt Lake County has 1,825 votes in process but only a small minority of those are in the 2nd District”

So you count the votes then all of the sudden, out of nowhere a week later ballots “Drops” show up from WWWAAAAYYYY over there in Tooele County, like 30 miles away, and what happens?

“Updated vote totals across 2nd District counties on Friday and Monday have either exceeded that ratio or been better for Jenkins than past returns from those counties.”

May just be me, but late ballot drops and recounts always seem to favor the candidate that’s behind.


True, but only if the candidate who’s behind is a Democrat if past elections are any indication.


He’s right, you know.

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