How to break in a leather holster

I uses the Wax method to breaking in my leather holster.


I have a mixture of leather ones, and others of Kydex material type. My leathers feel more comfortable; I like the ones which have a safety snap strap. Whereas my Kydex’s have stronger retention.


Since I carry owb one of the reasons I like pancake style holsters is that once they’re on the belt the belt is snug down retention is increased significantly. I also notice the same effect with avenger style holsters.

On edit: if you’re breaking in a pancake style holster or avenger style leather holster even after you use the wax paper method or whatever method you choose to use it’s going to be tighter when wearing. You’re going to have to wear it for some time to get the final properly broke in result.


I use the waxed paper method with a small twist. After putting the UNLOADED wrapped pistol in the holster (and assuring there are no gremlins around to do anything wrong or unsafe) lay it in the sun for a couple of hours. Work the pistol in and out a few times to work the wax into the warmed leather. Flip to the other side, repeat. I find the pores in the leather open up and let the wax bond to the inside of the holster.


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All good ideas! I fall back to the old cowboy method of breaking in boots. Soak’m in water an walk’m dry! Ok not really but something similar. I rubbed a little Lexol inside and out, not enough to soften too much, let it soak in and put my new pistol in overnight. It’s still a little tight.

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