How to be Really Stupid with a Firearm

Want to give firearms owners a bad name, do what this first rate Journeyman idiot did. “wanted to scare the construction worker.” My Hell, what the duck are people like this thinking.


I’m beginning to think that this is a Biden plot. With all that’s happening, and there’s too much to take in, people are DONE!
It’s what the administration dreamed of. I’ve never been lied to my face this often or this convincingly! EVER!

A country totally off its rocker. Heck I’m barely holding it together. The only good and rational day was yesterday, then I see an ad from a drag queen to recruit navy MEN, for a fighting force, random shootings in a medical waiting room. Holy Phuck, what the heck is tomorrow going to bring.
The real shame, is I don’t use drugs and I don’t drink, but I could start tomorrow!

Drag queen recruitment ads, shootings on a daily basis, crime more popular than beanie babies, no law and order, car jacking is the new fuse ball game, propaganda as journalism, good guys go to jail, parents of young children are terrorists, people fired from careers because of a mandated, unconstitutional, shot in the arm. Banning gas oven stoves , diesel trucks, guys beating girls in sports! I could go on for days.
Boys are girls, Presidents are clueless, the entire legislature is scamming the SEC, I’m waiting for my cat to declare she’s a dog!

Any minute now we’re about to be physically invaded by a brutal dictatorship known as the Mexican cartels. 7000,000 to a million strong.
For some the end of May could be the last straw.
There is no meme for this. Normal people are completely fed up!
I thank my wife, family and friends and all of you, for providing aid and comfort. The normal people that we are hearing about, need an outlet!
However, we are living in an asylum. I’m beginning to understand the outrage over the tiny slight! Sure it’s dangerous, all the blood is on Biden hands. He is literally our Nero!

I feel the vibes, walking to the mailbox. People are driving off piers because they listen to their A.I. programmed GPS.

The sky may not be falling, but it surely feels like an axe is about to drop on the whole planet.


He seems to have admitted to brandishing and assault with a deadly weapon. If I was his judge I’d be making sure he got some significant jail time.

I know a lot of these news stories are being pushed to the front page by the anti self defense media but I can’t help but thinking more unstable people are being pushed over the edge lately and more and more stable people are being put on edge.

We are in the middle of the Fourth Turning according to the Strauss/Howe Generational Theory. This Turning always leads to chaos and destruction. I believe the last Fourth Turning started with the Great Depression and ended with WW2. History may be repeating itself. Add in a world that has 8 billion people and counting as well as fewer and fewer resources to support those people and I suspect we are in for a lot more stories like this.


I think this is more of a “black swan” event. Change is fine on all levels, invasion from a foreign country, IS NOT. And has never happened in the U.S. Game over for America the Beautiful!

There is no recovery from what’s to come, if this fool stays in office!


I think this would be a far easier situation to deal with if we were facing an invasion by an actual foreign country. Most of the illegal immigrants aren’t even from Mexico anymore. The Mexican Cartels are taking advantage of the open boarder but they aren’t government sponsored even though they likely exert a lot of control over the Mexican government.


That’s a pretty strong statement!

Aren’t we supposed to have the same type of control over our government? Don’t they work for us, or was I in the wrong classroom?

Maybe we sorta do! Except it’s working against us.
The narco state has a lot of influence over their people and politicians as much as our high tech and media have control over us! We are going to be fighting on two fronts!
I guess we can consider our media and politicians as, well, narco terrorists! I mean they are part of the child trafficking and they deal drugs in the open, killing society one homeless and hapless person at a time! The invasion gets them a little closer!
I’m waiting for the flag to be removed and changed, will we stand for that or just make a new meme?

If this is free speech…

Then so is this…