How stupid do you think we are

never mind I know the answer


Why is this… whenever something stupid pops up… it must be related to dick… I’m sorry to Dick. :thinking:


I guess the lesson is, “Don’t be a Dick!”


lol! Yeah, there’s already federal laws about “straw purchases”

How about enforcing them!

Ohhh wait, the government is the BIGGEST violator of “straw purchase” laws known!


Well the sheepeople elected MR B They are stupid in my opinion along with his crew.

We cannot survive them the country that is.


The people who voted for the donkeys being stupid?


The Donkey party being stupid?

Not at all! They know exactly what they’re doing!

When O’bummer was in the house there used to be a site I would frequent.

It showed the true horrors of the world, uncut and unedited…… from gang violence in Brazil, uncut military body cam footage from any nation, cartel murders, and executions done by a certain Islamic terrorist organization.

Those last group of videos went from high definition Hollywood quality editing of genuine executions of prisoners in brand new orange jump suits using top of the line modern weapons while Obummer was in charge.

Within just a few months of the walking orange taking the seat, the best those terrorists could do was using a potato cell phone to film a drive by with a rusty AK!

I thought that was possibly just coincidence until one of Mr Bs first orders was to simply LEAVE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF WEAPONS AND AMMUNITION to a KNOWN terrorist government!!!

And yet, we, the responsible citizens of the USA are somehow the cause of these evil organizations becoming armed?

I think not!


Just when you think you know how stupid the democrats are! They take it even further!! To accuse the law abiding citizens of selling guns to the cartel, is, insulting and unpatriotic!!! It seems he should look in his own backyard! Didn’t the atf have close to a thousand guns stolen from one of their facilities! And didn’t the dod loose, hundreds of billions of dollars, worth of military grade weapons!! That was to go to Ukraine!!! I wonder how much of all that weaponary went to the cartel!!!


But, But, But they said they ‘lost track’ of the Fast n Furious ’ shipments
They said, That we were being over run and to save Americans we HAD to leave
Billions of $$$$$$$$$ worth of Serious hardware and vehicles and barracks, food,
Helo’s, 6x6’s wphew…
Pudding said all you need is a shotgun, shoot both barrels in da air! and skare dem away!
WE don’t need no weepons of war!
or Skery black Guns, dat 'coot yer lungs out or…Oh neva mind…
Yeah, dey tink we’s berry stoopid indeed.

But serious folks, they are just laying the ground work for future assaults on our rights and Freedom’s
They are NOT thinking about US, They are trying to CONVINCE the Sheeple that we are the New Domestic Terrorists to be eradicated. dealt with. what have they called us lately?
White Nationalists
White Supremacist’s
It’s textbook slice and dice and then when they do attempt to come down on us
The Atrocities will be deserved…
Mi dos pesos
The only easy day was yesterday


I forgive you. Yeah I think you are. Maybe too close for your own good. In with the good air out with the bad air. I haven’t figured out a way to get people to obey the law. Getting riled up about it isn’t going to help anyone. I am thinking finding a way to help people think clear. Surrender to the WORDS in my head. Free my body and soul. Let my spirit move me. Too much:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: