How realistic do you think the survival rate would be IF there was a 2nd civil war?

Kind of you. Thanks Fiz.


That does not exactly make sense. If the birds are expensive, using them for meat, with a limited supply, would keep the cost of the birds highā€¦ and the price per pound high. Unless there was a glut of existing birds.

When someone exercises their right to Freedom of Speech or Freedom of Religion, they should not face punishment or penalty for that. Any punishment or penalty, any effort by others to ā€˜make them sufferā€™ā€¦ to destroy their career or business, to ruin their name or reputationā€¦ is NOT freedom of religion or freedom of speechā€¦ it is an effort to cause fearā€¦ fear of retributionā€¦ to force people to be silent if you do not agree with them.

Would not call this a ā€˜yesmanā€™ club, there are many disagreements. As for your social consequence? Has anyone attempted to have you fired from your job, destroy your business?
It is less about your views and perhaps more about your how you express those views, and if you accept facts, such as Hunter Bidenā€™s laptop and the Joe Biden connections to China and Ukraine.
Not sure how comments being flagged is the same as people being hounded out of their neighborhoods and homes, and jobs.

I will ask, so I do not put words in your mouth. Do you think those who express religious beliefs you disagree with, or those who express anything you disagree with, should be punished, should be fired from their jobs, have their business ruined and destroyed? Was it acceptable for the left to attack Phil Robertson for expressing his religious views about traditional marriage and try to destroy his company? Demanding all other companies with contracts with his company break those contractsā€¦ or face their wrathā€¦

That is perhaps because of what or more likely HOW you say something. Not from actual disagreement with your viewpoint.

In some states they could. It was a state issue and not a national issue. It was also beyond the Supreme Courtā€™s authority as it was for each state to determine itā€™s own marriage laws and rules. There are proper ways of dealing with issues, and it is not simply to force your views through a court when it is actually outside of the scope of the Constitution. Would it have taken longer? perhaps, but it would have been proper and by the rule of law.

Not sure, why? I could. Again, each state has their own rules and laws, and counties and cities also have laws. Why do some states have a 75 mph speed limit and others a 70 mph, and others still remain max speed of 65?

Why? Local laws.

There really is no right to marriage. At least not until the court created one. Now, your right can be denied, if the person you ask to marry you declinesā€¦
There is no right to purchase alcohol on Sunday, nor if there a right to buy wine at the same place you buy spaghetti.
If you want alcohol on Sunday, buy it before and have it waiting for Sunday.

  1. Whether it makes sense or notā€¦ thatā€™s what happenedā€¦ Also, who the hell is going to pay 10 k for 3-4 months worth of ostrich steaksā€¦ The luxury price was there when the market revolved around creating and selling breeding pairsā€¦ There was an ostrich leather marketā€¦otherwise, I could not tell you what the end use was for these birdsā€¦We just sold them to other folks that wanted to raise ostriches.
  2. You canā€™t put rules on social norms. They are developed by societyā€¦. Letā€™s play a game thoughā€¦ Can I rent a room from you? Can I work for you? Officially you might say sureā€¦but you donā€™t want to work with me because we fight too muchā€¦ we disagree about too muchā€¦ and if you have the power in this game, I donā€™t really get a say. I operated outside of your social norms and have to accept my consequenceā€¦which is you donā€™t want to work with meā€¦ The same way the kid that picks his nose and eats it doesnā€™t get to take Nancy to the middle school danceā€¦ he operated outside the social norms and that is his consequenceā€¦ This is just how the world worksā€¦ itā€™s not based in law, itā€™s based on society establishing things as acceptable and not acceptableā€¦this is why a guy with a face tattoo has limited optionsā€¦ He might have you beat in every areaā€¦but he broke the social norms and has a consequence. The same is true for those that preach and support hate.
  3. You donā€™t know me to have me fired from my jobā€¦ But a lot of people tried to have me fired from the forumā€¦You canā€™t pick and choose where this strategy is acceptable. If itā€™s acceptable here, its acceptable at your jobā€¦ Also, you are a representative of the company you work for, and they are free to fire you if you are casting negative attention on their brandā€¦
  4. Again with the Hunter Biden nonsenseā€¦ lolā€¦ Heā€™s not relevant to meā€¦ meanwhile trump can do whatever he wants, get impeached, pay off a porn star with campaign funds, and share quality time with his good friend Jeffrey Epstein and his victims.
  5. Whether itā€™s a state issue or not is not the point of that statement. Itā€™s republicans telling people how to liveā€¦
  6. Saying I donā€™t have the right to buy __________ could extend to anythingā€¦ including gunsā€¦ keep that in mind when supporting republican ideas of limiting citizenā€™s freedomsā€¦.That said, I will restateā€¦ this was an example of how republicans do limit personal freedom with their religion based law. The fact that you are giving me a strategy on how to buy beer (I actually donā€™t drink) to avoid the republican limit on my freedomā€¦ makes that behavior okay for every other limitationā€¦ You are making it okay to solve your concerns of limitations on your freedom by giving strategies to work around itā€¦why not just apply the same energy and tactic you use against Dem limitations on republican limitations? Seems like people might take you a little more seriously if you were consistent.
  7. One of my posts that got flagged just suggested that Jesus might not be whiteā€¦ considering the area of the world heā€™s fromā€¦ I got a social consequenceā€¦ It wasnā€™t fair, but I operated outside of this forums social normsā€¦and my post got removed. Thatā€™s lifeā€¦ and I wonā€™t cater to your sensitive natures to avoid your social consequencesā€¦

That would depend. Can anyone rent a room? Perhapsā€¦ perhaps not. Can anyone work for another? Perhapsā€¦ perhaps not.

That is because you do not own the property you have asked to rentā€¦ nor do you own the business which you have asked to work for.

Has little if anything to do with it. Unless you behave in a completely unacceptable manner (drunkard, liar, thief, cheat, ā€¦ )

What you call hate may not be considered hate by others. There is FREEDOM of RELIGION and FREEDOM OF SPEECH.
(You are correct on the full face tatā€¦ as that does create problems in the employment areaā€¦ as not all businesses want someone to represent them that has a full face tat, or someone that dresses in certain ways, or someone that comes to work drunkā€¦

I see you are linear in your thinking on this at least. Again, do you think it acceptable to try to destroy someone else for their beliefs, for their speech? The left has attempted to destroy those they disagree with, and that is NOT acceptable, it is NOT societal norms, it is terrorismā€¦ the act of creating fear through the use of intimidation, coercion and threats to silence those you disagree with.

Donā€™t know who tried to get you ā€˜firedā€™ from this or any forum. Again, was it what you said or how you said it?

Yes, because the company employs you and the company has rights alsoā€¦

Exactlyā€¦ you call it nonsense. Ignore the facts. There were no facts pointing to Trump and Russia, though there were facts pointing to Hillary and the DNC and Russiaā€¦
You say Trump does whatever he wantsā€¦ and he was impeached ā€¦ but the impeachment was a sham, we all know and read the transcript of the phone call, and there was nothing thereā€¦ it was all political and the Democrats showed their corruption. That will create an automatic disbelief if they ever make any accusations in the future, even if they are realā€¦ paying off a porn star? He was not Presidentā€¦ and that was his private dealing. I never said I approvedā€¦ you really need to learn to separate out things he might have done and whether people accept it or not, ā€¦ as that has nothing to do with his actions as Presidentā€¦ I will not even get into Bill Clinton and the White Houseā€¦ and you make false inciteful accusations against Trump regarding Epstein. You do know Epstein had connections to many people, including Bill Clintonā€¦ Trump did kick Epstein out of Mar A Lago.
This is why people may find your comments to be problematic, you make wild accusations only because you dislike Trumpā€¦
and ignore Joe Biden and his connections to China and Ukraine (and the documents regarding Ukraine are available onlineā€¦ )ā€¦ .and ignore his connections to Hunter and the sexual issues with minors, and per some reports the emails show Joe was aware. Have not seen the complete proof of that, but there have been reports with copies of the emails presented. (not wild accusations, based on currently available informationā€¦ and I know CNN and MSNBC tried to cover upā€¦ so you may need to look at other sources).
Just to be clear, there was no evidence against Trumpā€¦ but there was against Hillary. Step back from the political sides, and look at the facts and details.

That is the point, the entire point.

Not exactly. There is a right to keep and bear arms, and that includes being able to purchase themā€¦ or are they going to be given to you for free.
You do not have a right to a houseā€¦ you have the freedom to purchase one if you can afford it.
You do not have a right to foodā€¦ you have freedom to purchase food, or grow it or hunt it, or fish for itā€¦
You do not have a right to purchase beer, there is no right to beerā€¦ but you are free to purchase it , if it is legal in the location you are currently at.

Actually, it is Constitution based, and the rule of law, with a background in religious understanding. You might argue that it was moral basis or a virtue basis, but it was still based on the Constitution and rule of law. If you want to change the law, there is a processā€¦ seek to have the legislature write a new law or amend the old one.

Not the same. First, I am not Republican, and I am speaking as a Conservative. Democrat limitations or open ended excess is not based on the same as Conservatives. I look to the Constitution and the rule of lawā€¦ the fact that a law, as written, has words, words have meaning and power, and those words must be considered as they were used, known, and understood to mean, at the time the law was written, the same with the Constitutionā€¦
which brings us to

I am consistent, I look to the Constitution and rule of law. Just ask others, I still make their blood squirt from their eyes because I state emphatically, our right to carry ends at the doorway of a business. Not a limitation I impose or Republicans impose, or Democrats, but one imposed by the Constitution.

Did you think it might be howā€¦ HOWā€¦ you phrased the comment.

I got flagged not long ago because I called Fauci a nameā€¦ I will not repeat itā€¦ as it might get a flag againā€¦ some are sensitiveā€¦ but you might want to consider HOW you make a comment.

And this is in partā€¦ your problem. You make insulting commentsā€¦

We either have rights, and all have equal rights, or we do not. If you think it acceptable to try to destroy someone for views that you disagree with, there is a problemā€¦ and it does display an ideological view that most firearms owners will find unacceptableā€¦ but I will not speak for all.

Have a good night. This is veering way off topic, and your ā€˜battle gameā€™ is becoming absurd.


Iā€™ll keep this shortā€¦I think we are going in 72 directions here when the topic is pretty straight forward

Yesā€¦ People should be socially destroyed if they are operating in a threatening way to society. You donā€™t have any rights when it comes to social acceptance. You have to cooperate with the system to prosper there.

Andā€¦ the issue was a claim that dems are prone to forcing their way of life on othersā€¦I showed you how republicans also do thatā€¦ You then started reasoning that it was okay because itā€™s a state decisionā€¦ but, if I brought up CA laws, you would probably have a slightly different answerā€¦ donā€™t ya think?

You do not have the right to buy armsā€¦ You have a right to keep them and bear them. See, I can play this game tooā€¦ If itā€™s okay to take peoples freedoms away on a level you donā€™t care aboutā€¦then itā€™s okay to take peopleā€™s freedoms away on a level you do care aboutā€¦

Stopping people from buying beer on Sunday is in the constitution?
Iā€™m glad to read that Im not the only one getting social consequences. Welcome to the club.
How was that insulting? If I suggest Jesus is black and somebody flags itā€¦they are being sensitiveā€¦ thatā€™s what they are beingā€¦ am I supposed to PC that up for them? I thought dems were the captains of the PC culture ship!..

Depends on what you are calling a threatening way. If a person says his religious beliefs are traditional marriage, do you think that person should be punished, should be fired from their job or have their business destroyed.

Not exactly, You are trying to compare apples to bananasā€¦ not even the same shape. One is following the rule of law, and the Constitutionā€¦ (and a noteā€¦ not all Democrats are far left radicalsā€¦ some like Vernon Jones even supported Trump and his economic policies.)ā€¦ those who want to impose their way or their will on others do so outside of the Constitution and outside of the rule of law, and try to impose with not through legislation but through activist court action. A bid difference.

Nope, simply stating that certain issues are state issues, and not national issues. Certain functions are within the purview of the state. If you brought up California laws, I would say most are absurd, but I do not live in California. There is something elseā€¦ you need to remember to differentiate between laws and the Constitution. Even states are not supposed to violate the Constitution, even if it has been doneā€¦ so California laws regarding drinking ages, age of consent, traffic laws, or any other state laws are for the state to decide, including marriage. Those laws that California has that violate the Constitution or violate federal laws areā€¦ so to speakā€¦ problematic.

Completely inane.
We have a right to keep and bearā€¦ but you think there is no way to initially obtain those arms? We have a right to purchase armsā€¦ to exercise the right to keep and bear, along with the ammunition to use those armsā€¦ not sure what you mean by taking peopleā€™s freedoms away on a level I do not care aboutā€¦ try to be specific. It is again, apparently your refusal to deal with each aspect as it isā€¦ Constitutional, Rule of Law, Rights and Freedoms, and national or state.

Inane and I would think beneath even you. There is no right to purchase beer, there is no right to have beer, and may only have it if it is legalā€¦ unless you bootleg and make your own or buy it illegally.

I could say you are way too sensitive.

It is not what you say, but how. In the context of the comment, it comes across as insulting. It is difficult sometimes dealing with a textual format to always know how it is intended. If you express it one way, it might be acceptable and another it comes across as an insult.

Again, this has veered way off topic, and you simply want to argue and show a misunderstanding of the Constitution, law, rule of law, and attempting to compare two different issues and try to present an argument based on a non-existent similarity.

Lets leave it at, you want to impose your will, because others want to impose the rule of law.

Enough. Dawn will be coming soon and surprised she has not already.

Doesnā€™t specifically say you have a right to buy armsā€¦ Iā€™m just playing your stupid game hereā€¦I feel like I have to tell you Iā€™m joking because you donā€™t get itā€¦lol

And yesā€¦you could call me sensitive if you wishā€¦I wont flag you because Iā€™m notā€¦imoā€¦

And noā€¦I donā€™t think you should be ruined for believing that marriage is between a man and a womanā€¦I just want you to admit that you are imposing that belief on othersā€¦and thusā€¦limiting their freedom and their pursuit of happiness ā€¦

Iā€™ll leave it at that unless you change that to something else in which case that is not that anymore and the new that must be addressed

Iā€™m not sure how much of an advantage youth would be. All the older conservative people would have to do is set up some ā€œbaitā€ video lounges, lure the youngsters in, and there goes your youth advantage.

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I just scrolled up and realized I skipped a whole bunch of debate to get here. My comment is way off topic by now.

I think the entire thread was off topic in the first place. Talking about war and advantages based more on a political viewpoint.

Or, once it branched into a ā€˜gameā€™, it left the thread and topic far behind.

You may very well be correct, that youth would not be an advantage. Far too many of the youth have never really dealt with life without electricity, central air, air conditioned cars, cell phones, ATM machines, and the modern conveniences of life.

Note: I apologize, as I assisted in the veering off course.

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Every law that is passed is one group imposing beliefs on others. The Declaration of Independence was also such an attempt. There is nothing wrong with one group of Americans passing laws that another group doesnā€™t like. Thatā€™s why laws are debated and voted on, sometimes vetoed.


Agreed. I was just pulling people that tend not to admit that into a spot where they had to.

Intel Alert: When you see the crazy hair color section sold out in CVS, you know the anarchists are amassing their troops in your area.


It was more or less a set up from the beginning. The OP tossed a lit match into the room and waited for the flames to start. Notice there was only one post by the OP? Then the game playing took over by those that have never seen war or had to shoot in anger at anyone pontificated on a sterilized Special Ops video game. Everything a game player wants in a video game forgetting the real issues of death. In my opinion there was very little consideration for what a civil war would be. It would be killing each other. And once the shooting starts the board game strategists might as well head for the basement because it all changes. Read up on the Civil war in Rwanda. In some civil wars there are no civilians.

I know, it sounds like a rant. But unless someone has sat next to a friend only to see them hit by something that made them look like a bug on your windshield in am suspect of their idea of what a civil war would look like.


ā€¦and all of that in just four days,


A purposely funny, yet sardonic responseā€¦ Iā€™m gonna put my money on my fellow gays. Physical fitness has A LOT to do with the outcome of survival and well, weā€™re pretty obsessed with our bodies. Yeah, mostly for looking hot, but all that lean muscle and strength training is still happening even if the motivation is a bit shallow. A lot of us are careful with our diets (see above dedication to hotness), so we often go hungry every day. Weā€™re use to that, it does NOT slow us down in the least. My gay brothers are constantly learning new skills to do everything themselves and do it perfectly and my lesbian sisters? Good lord, Lowes and Home Depot is where they grow free-range lesbians. We are always in the midst of building a canoe or some other huge crafty endeavor in our living rooms. Many of us are armed, many are former military. We are very capable survivors. Most of us have been through the ringer, to hell and back, so weā€™re tough. If the sh** hits the fan, I want to hunker down with my fellow gays. :heart: :orange_heart: :yellow_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart: :purple_heart:

Well, to be fair, our distractions came out of nowhereā€¦It was lighthearted fun when we were on topic. I tend to attract a Biden comment no matter what thread Im inā€¦ I could make a ā€œShare Your Muffin Recipeā€ thread and somebody would come in with a ā€œBiden eats sugar free lemon muffins and worships the devilā€ commentā€¦lolā€¦

So, in short, itā€™s my fault for participatingā€¦

Nothing worse than getting your ass kicked by somebody rocking a pink shirt and a blue mohawkā€¦lol

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