How realistic do you think the survival rate would be IF there was a 2nd civil war?

1/3rd of the military, and City folks… Like me…

Dont their x-boxes need electricity?

Take their cell phone away and they won’t even be able to find their way home…

@Michael726. @Kevin29
You both neglected to speculate on what would happen to basement dwellers if they were exposed to direct sunlight?


How about that CW2, girls? Kinda getting off target here. I was thinking Balkanization after some really bad calls from a Harris administration. I would settle for 2/3rds of the military, Francis. Same for all those vets. They did actually make sacrifices for our country. Maybe not real educated and sophisticated like city folk but they are the salt of the earth. Same for learning about the work ethic of country folks. Buck hay for a few days and you will get the picture. Yeah, maybe Dallas as the new capitol?


Too many variables to consider but here’s what I would ask…

  1. Who/ What groups is/are involved in the fighting?
  2. Are the skirmishes isolated to certain cities or areas?
  3. Can I safely get my family to our MAG location?
  4. How many of my unprepared family & friends will try to show up here to seek refuge?
  5. Will their be outside/foreign interference?

Even with my humble preparations ( I do thank THE MOST HIGH for what HE has allowed me to set aside), I can’t fight off an army alone. Unless THE MOST HIGH shows up, our survival is certainly in jeopardy in the event of civil war.

Anything could happen but I sincerely hope civil war stays in the hypothetical realm.



It’s interesting that you all think us dems have never been to the country…lol…I worked on an Ostrich farm in 1994 before that market crashed… It didn’t make me republican…
Y’all really gotta see this…this isn’t even a ball of death…this was a ball of weirdness and weakness…and good ol country folk couldn’t do anything to stop them… They became the police of the nearby town… they took over…until the government saved the town.

Why didn’t the government save the ostrich industry, wasn’t it to big to fail? Maybe there was no Ostrich union to save.

Did you mean until the government took over the town?

You mention in a few of your posts that you’re a libertarian but I don’t understand that in other posts you are fine with the government MANDATING specific certain body wear and clothing to every American under penalty of fine and imprisonment?

I am a libertarian and whatever clothing options you wish to wear should be entirely up to you and not the government. Libertarians by definition only want to be left alone, will fend for them selves, don’t need government help, will rely on optionally receiving and not forced to give aid to family, friends and church.

When I die I want my possessions that I toiled for over 40 years at this point, to go to my kids, not the State.

Good for you working on an Ostrich farm, was it a year, less than a year, did it inspire you to create your own farm, was the work to hard for you to even think about creating your own farm, did it inspire you to be an entrepreneur, did you loath the RICH owners and all they invested to try and make it work, were you secretly kinda glad when they lost their investment?

How about all those big businesses and small mom and pop businesses who’s property was damaged by peaceful protesters. No, insurance does not cover their loss. Do you kinda smile inside when you see this and think, “they are so big it doesn’t matter, I don’t like them anyway” as you yourself push the BuyNow button.

You in your heart know the answers to these questions. You’ve read 1984, and Animal Farm, you’ve actually dug into reading and researching real history and just don’t throw the word Nazi or Fascist around for everyone who doesn’t think like you. You know in your heart you’re tolerant of all peoples ideas, thoughts and dreams. You listen and reply to everyone with a cordial respectful demeanor and in the past, you always have.

Michael, do you truly want a nation or world where everyone must follow exactly what a government mandates for them for the good of all. Or do you want a world where people are autonomous and CHOOSE to help one another, CHOOSE to think, dress, talk, and worship, and follow the rules that God has set forth?


@Greg35, did not fail to speculate, just did not include it. Thought it might be inflammatory.

The Price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men ~ Plato



  1. No clue. The ostrich industry could have used somebody digging it’s useless body up and parading it around like Trump tried to do with coal…lol… Actually, the thing that tanked the market would probably surprise you. When I started working on that farm, it costs 10000 dollars for a breeding pair, and the only thing that you did with your breeding pair is create and sell more breeding pairs. Well, around that time there was a big push to market ostrich meat to Americans as a healthy alternative to beef, and it went from 10000 per breeding pair to free in the paper…seemingly over night. –in relation to the question you asked about how long I worked on the farm… in 2014 my folks saved up to buy two babies in texas and we got 10 acres of rocky land in Blanchard, OK…which my brother and I dug the fence posts for… I remember the auger catching on rock and sending the top of the auger we rented spinning violently… It was a dangerous thing… We had that going about a year once everything was in place, and then we sold our ostriches and our incubator to a friend that also had ostriches when the market started slipping. Then I worked for that friend off and on until 1997. Lived on his property in a tiny camping trailer for my jr. year of highschool.
  2. I never said I was libertarian. I shared a libertarian idea. I value ideas over parties and people. That specific idea was the value of social consequence. Somebody had suggested that you shouldn’t lose your job for acting against the social norms, and that is what brought this up. Libertarians believe that society can manage itself through social consequence. I can use myself as an example. I have come into your ‘yesmen club” and offered a different opinion…as a result, I have received a social consequence. Many of my opinions get flagged and I am constantly having to scrap in every thread…no matter how I come into it…I am not welcome in your community. That is a social consequence… But I stay anyways because you folks interest me…even if you don’t like me around…lol
  3. I agree that your possessions should go to who you would like them to go to when you die or whenever you would like. However, when the deathball comes to your town…. Lets just say that I sincerely hope you have hidden your lucky charms well. They will not be getting passed down to your relatives if you haven’t.
  4. My ostrich experience did inspire me to work really hard to get tasks off my plate. I have never had another job where progress towards your goal was so visible to all. So it taught me work ethic… and it taught me that a male ostrich will kick you to death in an instant if you aren’t careful. Which brings up my next X-factor… WAR OSTRICH!
  5. Insurance does cover the cost of damage to shops… You are being misleading… More importantly, you are assuming I agree with vandalism. I do not. Neither does anyone in the reasonable middle… and we also don’t agree with driving a car through protestors and killing people… why are we bringing this up in a war convo? Lol…All bets are off in war… We are punching through your lines and burning your farmhouse to the ground and taking your lucky charms.
  6. I do not want a country where a government can micromanage people… But, let me ask you this… Why couldn’t gays get married until the supreme court said it was unconstitutional for you republicans to deny them that ability? Why couldn’t I buy wine where I buy my spaghetti until recently? Why couldn’t I get a tattoo in Oklahoma until tattoo removal technology invalidated the definition in the statute? Why can’t I buy alcohol on Sunday? Why couldn’t I buy cold beer in a liquor store but I could buy cold beer in a grocery store until recently? Why can’t I have a bump stock on my ar without begging permission and paying the tax? I could go all day. You republicans have tried to control society with your dominant religion… and in doing so you have constantly committed the same attempts to take power and choice away from the people and push it towards the government. All of these things are just as visible as the things the dems attempt.
  1. In this case it’s just red vs. blue… In reality it would probably look really complex. There would be extremists on both sides trying to attach themselves to your movement, and you would have to decide if you want to use them as an asset and further their cause or deny them and potentially be fighting with the main enemy and them on two different fronts.
  2. No rules on where battles will take place. As the commander of the blue team, I will not be following you all into the woods or mountains. I will simply stay in the cities and towns and burn the woods from the air…which I will have because I will have the cities and the airports and planes that comes with having the cities.
  3. Tell me more about this MAG location so we can figure this out…lol…coordinates please!
  4. A lot! on both sides
  5. Definitely… when we fight CHina and Russia will salivate.

On my way to church, will read later

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I’ve been saying all along that there’s no chance of a civil war. But now I see that people are hoarding TP, again. Desperate times…


I will pray for you @Michael726.


Kind of you. Thanks Fiz.


That does not exactly make sense. If the birds are expensive, using them for meat, with a limited supply, would keep the cost of the birds high… and the price per pound high. Unless there was a glut of existing birds.

When someone exercises their right to Freedom of Speech or Freedom of Religion, they should not face punishment or penalty for that. Any punishment or penalty, any effort by others to ‘make them suffer’… to destroy their career or business, to ruin their name or reputation… is NOT freedom of religion or freedom of speech… it is an effort to cause fear… fear of retribution… to force people to be silent if you do not agree with them.

Would not call this a ‘yesman’ club, there are many disagreements. As for your social consequence? Has anyone attempted to have you fired from your job, destroy your business?
It is less about your views and perhaps more about your how you express those views, and if you accept facts, such as Hunter Biden’s laptop and the Joe Biden connections to China and Ukraine.
Not sure how comments being flagged is the same as people being hounded out of their neighborhoods and homes, and jobs.

I will ask, so I do not put words in your mouth. Do you think those who express religious beliefs you disagree with, or those who express anything you disagree with, should be punished, should be fired from their jobs, have their business ruined and destroyed? Was it acceptable for the left to attack Phil Robertson for expressing his religious views about traditional marriage and try to destroy his company? Demanding all other companies with contracts with his company break those contracts… or face their wrath…

That is perhaps because of what or more likely HOW you say something. Not from actual disagreement with your viewpoint.

In some states they could. It was a state issue and not a national issue. It was also beyond the Supreme Court’s authority as it was for each state to determine it’s own marriage laws and rules. There are proper ways of dealing with issues, and it is not simply to force your views through a court when it is actually outside of the scope of the Constitution. Would it have taken longer? perhaps, but it would have been proper and by the rule of law.

Not sure, why? I could. Again, each state has their own rules and laws, and counties and cities also have laws. Why do some states have a 75 mph speed limit and others a 70 mph, and others still remain max speed of 65?

Why? Local laws.

There really is no right to marriage. At least not until the court created one. Now, your right can be denied, if the person you ask to marry you declines…
There is no right to purchase alcohol on Sunday, nor if there a right to buy wine at the same place you buy spaghetti.
If you want alcohol on Sunday, buy it before and have it waiting for Sunday.

  1. Whether it makes sense or not… that’s what happened… Also, who the hell is going to pay 10 k for 3-4 months worth of ostrich steaks… The luxury price was there when the market revolved around creating and selling breeding pairs… There was an ostrich leather market…otherwise, I could not tell you what the end use was for these birds…We just sold them to other folks that wanted to raise ostriches.
  2. You can’t put rules on social norms. They are developed by society…. Let’s play a game though… Can I rent a room from you? Can I work for you? Officially you might say sure…but you don’t want to work with me because we fight too much… we disagree about too much… and if you have the power in this game, I don’t really get a say. I operated outside of your social norms and have to accept my consequence…which is you don’t want to work with me… The same way the kid that picks his nose and eats it doesn’t get to take Nancy to the middle school dance… he operated outside the social norms and that is his consequence… This is just how the world works… it’s not based in law, it’s based on society establishing things as acceptable and not acceptable…this is why a guy with a face tattoo has limited options… He might have you beat in every area…but he broke the social norms and has a consequence. The same is true for those that preach and support hate.
  3. You don’t know me to have me fired from my job… But a lot of people tried to have me fired from the forum…You can’t pick and choose where this strategy is acceptable. If it’s acceptable here, its acceptable at your job… Also, you are a representative of the company you work for, and they are free to fire you if you are casting negative attention on their brand…
  4. Again with the Hunter Biden nonsense… lol… He’s not relevant to me… meanwhile trump can do whatever he wants, get impeached, pay off a porn star with campaign funds, and share quality time with his good friend Jeffrey Epstein and his victims.
  5. Whether it’s a state issue or not is not the point of that statement. It’s republicans telling people how to live…
  6. Saying I don’t have the right to buy __________ could extend to anything… including guns… keep that in mind when supporting republican ideas of limiting citizen’s freedoms….That said, I will restate… this was an example of how republicans do limit personal freedom with their religion based law. The fact that you are giving me a strategy on how to buy beer (I actually don’t drink) to avoid the republican limit on my freedom… makes that behavior okay for every other limitation… You are making it okay to solve your concerns of limitations on your freedom by giving strategies to work around it…why not just apply the same energy and tactic you use against Dem limitations on republican limitations? Seems like people might take you a little more seriously if you were consistent.
  7. One of my posts that got flagged just suggested that Jesus might not be white… considering the area of the world he’s from… I got a social consequence… It wasn’t fair, but I operated outside of this forums social norms…and my post got removed. That’s life… and I won’t cater to your sensitive natures to avoid your social consequences…

That would depend. Can anyone rent a room? Perhaps… perhaps not. Can anyone work for another? Perhaps… perhaps not.

That is because you do not own the property you have asked to rent… nor do you own the business which you have asked to work for.

Has little if anything to do with it. Unless you behave in a completely unacceptable manner (drunkard, liar, thief, cheat, … )

What you call hate may not be considered hate by others. There is FREEDOM of RELIGION and FREEDOM OF SPEECH.
(You are correct on the full face tat… as that does create problems in the employment area… as not all businesses want someone to represent them that has a full face tat, or someone that dresses in certain ways, or someone that comes to work drunk…

I see you are linear in your thinking on this at least. Again, do you think it acceptable to try to destroy someone else for their beliefs, for their speech? The left has attempted to destroy those they disagree with, and that is NOT acceptable, it is NOT societal norms, it is terrorism… the act of creating fear through the use of intimidation, coercion and threats to silence those you disagree with.

Don’t know who tried to get you ‘fired’ from this or any forum. Again, was it what you said or how you said it?

Yes, because the company employs you and the company has rights also…

Exactly… you call it nonsense. Ignore the facts. There were no facts pointing to Trump and Russia, though there were facts pointing to Hillary and the DNC and Russia…
You say Trump does whatever he wants… and he was impeached … but the impeachment was a sham, we all know and read the transcript of the phone call, and there was nothing there… it was all political and the Democrats showed their corruption. That will create an automatic disbelief if they ever make any accusations in the future, even if they are real… paying off a porn star? He was not President… and that was his private dealing. I never said I approved… you really need to learn to separate out things he might have done and whether people accept it or not, … as that has nothing to do with his actions as President… I will not even get into Bill Clinton and the White House… and you make false inciteful accusations against Trump regarding Epstein. You do know Epstein had connections to many people, including Bill Clinton… Trump did kick Epstein out of Mar A Lago.
This is why people may find your comments to be problematic, you make wild accusations only because you dislike Trump…
and ignore Joe Biden and his connections to China and Ukraine (and the documents regarding Ukraine are available online… )… .and ignore his connections to Hunter and the sexual issues with minors, and per some reports the emails show Joe was aware. Have not seen the complete proof of that, but there have been reports with copies of the emails presented. (not wild accusations, based on currently available information… and I know CNN and MSNBC tried to cover up… so you may need to look at other sources).
Just to be clear, there was no evidence against Trump… but there was against Hillary. Step back from the political sides, and look at the facts and details.

That is the point, the entire point.

Not exactly. There is a right to keep and bear arms, and that includes being able to purchase them… or are they going to be given to you for free.
You do not have a right to a house… you have the freedom to purchase one if you can afford it.
You do not have a right to food… you have freedom to purchase food, or grow it or hunt it, or fish for it…
You do not have a right to purchase beer, there is no right to beer… but you are free to purchase it , if it is legal in the location you are currently at.

Actually, it is Constitution based, and the rule of law, with a background in religious understanding. You might argue that it was moral basis or a virtue basis, but it was still based on the Constitution and rule of law. If you want to change the law, there is a process… seek to have the legislature write a new law or amend the old one.

Not the same. First, I am not Republican, and I am speaking as a Conservative. Democrat limitations or open ended excess is not based on the same as Conservatives. I look to the Constitution and the rule of law… the fact that a law, as written, has words, words have meaning and power, and those words must be considered as they were used, known, and understood to mean, at the time the law was written, the same with the Constitution…
which brings us to

I am consistent, I look to the Constitution and rule of law. Just ask others, I still make their blood squirt from their eyes because I state emphatically, our right to carry ends at the doorway of a business. Not a limitation I impose or Republicans impose, or Democrats, but one imposed by the Constitution.

Did you think it might be how… HOW… you phrased the comment.

I got flagged not long ago because I called Fauci a name… I will not repeat it… as it might get a flag again… some are sensitive… but you might want to consider HOW you make a comment.

And this is in part… your problem. You make insulting comments…

We either have rights, and all have equal rights, or we do not. If you think it acceptable to try to destroy someone for views that you disagree with, there is a problem… and it does display an ideological view that most firearms owners will find unacceptable… but I will not speak for all.

Have a good night. This is veering way off topic, and your ‘battle game’ is becoming absurd.


I’ll keep this short…I think we are going in 72 directions here when the topic is pretty straight forward

Yes… People should be socially destroyed if they are operating in a threatening way to society. You don’t have any rights when it comes to social acceptance. You have to cooperate with the system to prosper there.

And… the issue was a claim that dems are prone to forcing their way of life on others…I showed you how republicans also do that… You then started reasoning that it was okay because it’s a state decision… but, if I brought up CA laws, you would probably have a slightly different answer… don’t ya think?

You do not have the right to buy arms… You have a right to keep them and bear them. See, I can play this game too… If it’s okay to take peoples freedoms away on a level you don’t care about…then it’s okay to take people’s freedoms away on a level you do care about…

Stopping people from buying beer on Sunday is in the constitution?
I’m glad to read that Im not the only one getting social consequences. Welcome to the club.
How was that insulting? If I suggest Jesus is black and somebody flags it…they are being sensitive… that’s what they are being… am I supposed to PC that up for them? I thought dems were the captains of the PC culture ship!..

Depends on what you are calling a threatening way. If a person says his religious beliefs are traditional marriage, do you think that person should be punished, should be fired from their job or have their business destroyed.

Not exactly, You are trying to compare apples to bananas… not even the same shape. One is following the rule of law, and the Constitution… (and a note… not all Democrats are far left radicals… some like Vernon Jones even supported Trump and his economic policies.)… those who want to impose their way or their will on others do so outside of the Constitution and outside of the rule of law, and try to impose with not through legislation but through activist court action. A bid difference.

Nope, simply stating that certain issues are state issues, and not national issues. Certain functions are within the purview of the state. If you brought up California laws, I would say most are absurd, but I do not live in California. There is something else… you need to remember to differentiate between laws and the Constitution. Even states are not supposed to violate the Constitution, even if it has been done… so California laws regarding drinking ages, age of consent, traffic laws, or any other state laws are for the state to decide, including marriage. Those laws that California has that violate the Constitution or violate federal laws are… so to speak… problematic.

Completely inane.
We have a right to keep and bear… but you think there is no way to initially obtain those arms? We have a right to purchase arms… to exercise the right to keep and bear, along with the ammunition to use those arms… not sure what you mean by taking people’s freedoms away on a level I do not care about… try to be specific. It is again, apparently your refusal to deal with each aspect as it is… Constitutional, Rule of Law, Rights and Freedoms, and national or state.

Inane and I would think beneath even you. There is no right to purchase beer, there is no right to have beer, and may only have it if it is legal… unless you bootleg and make your own or buy it illegally.

I could say you are way too sensitive.

It is not what you say, but how. In the context of the comment, it comes across as insulting. It is difficult sometimes dealing with a textual format to always know how it is intended. If you express it one way, it might be acceptable and another it comes across as an insult.

Again, this has veered way off topic, and you simply want to argue and show a misunderstanding of the Constitution, law, rule of law, and attempting to compare two different issues and try to present an argument based on a non-existent similarity.

Lets leave it at, you want to impose your will, because others want to impose the rule of law.

Enough. Dawn will be coming soon and surprised she has not already.