How realistic do you think the survival rate would be IF there was a 2nd civil war?

Something I have maybe not seen here (I do read like a guy, so my reading skills suck) is the bluecoats may carry a higher percentage of youth, but the redcoats have a much much higher percentage of current military and former military of ALL ages. Military are well trained and many have battlefield experience.

A much higher percentage of LE are redcoats as well. Take away the city politics of a mayor or city safrty czar telling a police chief what to instruct his officers to do, most will be constitutionalists and will side accordingly.


Good points. 1/3rd of the military is dem to 2/3rd conservative. That’s an issue that will be challenging to solve. I think there is an interesting fact to consider though… that is that the military resources are generally stored in and around the large cities, and that is where the number advantage will lean heavily towards the left…it’s really going to be a race to those military vehicles and weapons that makes the difference…and I think the right has more steps to get there than the left… That’s my theory anyways…

Maybe so on some of the “toys” so to speak, but, the experience of current and prior military will be heavily weighted red. Taking this experience to the rural areas and organizing the vast numbers of non-snowflakes, who are already medium to heavily armed, and with the experience of hunting as well as varmint abatement, rather than shooting at paper at an indoor range, will bring a huge advantage to the redcoats. (That was by definition a run-on sentence btw. :slight_smile: )


Well, I would like to throw in an x-factor… which is that the average city kid has dealt with death on a more regular basis than the average country boy. Also, I have an additional x-factor and I need to explain…

While the experienced military members are gathering and forming their plans, the ball of death will just strike…and that is valuable in the early phases of a fight or war… As I have stated, I used to be a boxer. I have had 2 fist fights with Taekwondo black belts in my life, and they were the two easiest street fights of my life…and I used to wonder why…but now I know. It’s not that the Taekwondo folks didn’t have proven skills and abilities…It is that while they were trying to decide whether to kick me with a spinning back kick or a crescent kick or a ridge hand strike or the 5 finger touch of death… I took my 7 (jab, cross, left hook,right hook, left upper, right upper, and overhand right) punches and just went… and they were done before they got started… I think the military folks are all going to quarrel over the best way to fight and who should lead and all that…and the left is just going to send death balls from every major city. Instinctive and simple combat to start…then expand once military equipment is obtained.

also… Im pro run on sentences…run on bro…run on!

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  1. Where’s the logistical tail coming from your large urban centers. For these “large death balls”. You have 3 days food in the city and a few guys with rifles can shut off all the power to every city.

  2. I wouldn’t be so quick to discount those quiet old guys with gear from various hellholes around the world. There’s a reason they made it through those hellholes.

  3. Brush up on Sun Tzu. Should be required reading.

Not trying to start a fight or even an argument. I am willing to bet there are more “retired special forces with experience in asymmetrical warfare teaching and doing” than are doing it now.

My “swami” hat on. There will be a few initial left leaning gun raid type victories then the right will start to push back. A Bundy type ranch incident or three. Then some serious squabbles that will be enough to shock both sides into ignoring the far left and far right and we go back to a more centrist view for a bit. Then that breaks down.

Then it will be on like “Donkey Kong”.

This is just idle speculation not me advocating for anything. I would like to retire and go to “Water World” if we could please. :innocent::see_no_evil::speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil:

  1. We won’t stay in our cities. Like Sherman, we will go to yours…and eat all your lucky charms! The strength of the death ball is that it is designed to devour what is in front of it rather than hope for resupply… Also, the younger generation is going to be more capable of functioning without the luxuries of electricity than the older generation…SO, when we knock each other’s power out, it’s net gain for the left. Also, (XFACTOR), we have the majority of universities and all of the innovative solutions that comes with that.
  2. Hey, I’m 40…Im not discounting them…but you have to also acknowledge that the older population comes with some challenges…like the one I listed…health issues become a factor. I can tell you that when the ice storm knocked power out, some of the older folks I know were really concerned because they use cpap machines or need their insulin to stay cold…etc… so factor in a greater need for power to the older generation. There’s also a good chance we could limit your abilities by limiting or destroying some of the medicines you are dependent upon. You will need generators to take care of your elderly… and those make noise and require gas…which we will have greater access to if you all fall back to the woods and mountains as I predict.
  3. We aren’t fighting… we are just chatting here… and having a little fun. I think things are more even than you think though. We have youth and numbers and 1/3rd of the military. We have the major cities and the ability to assemble quickly in great-concentrated numbers. We are emptying the shelves at firearm dealers right now… so, that advantage won’t be as great as you think imo. We are also closer to the veins of society. The rails, the airports, the military facilities, the hospitals… Also, every house has a good chance of having at least 1 firearm within… so as we march across the map we have the chance of increasing our weaponry with every house we cross. And also we can eat their lucky charms…lol…
  4. X-factor… when y’all go to the woods, you will get ticks! We will be in the cities all tick free and energetic with no lime disease or rocky mountain spotted fever…
  5. I agree that the realistic outcome is that the reasonable middle would expand and the war would end quickly with no winners…this is just fun speculation …Ive been watching war movies…lol

Xfactor…I play a mean version of “sweet home alabama”… a known right wing bait… traps shall be set!

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I would dispute this. How many of the younger generation (not all, just using a generalized descriptor), can function without an ATM card, or be able to deal with empty shelves at the grocery stores.
How many know how to start a fire, build a shelter, have cooked over a camp fire, or open flame of any type.
Some of us who are older grew up with box fans in the windows… and maybe a window unit A/C. We had no A/C in the cars… My first 6 vehicles did not have A/C, and one was bought new.

Medical conditions, and insulin or other issues, while perhaps connected more to older people, do effect a considerable amount of young people. There are a large number of elderly that are not that dependent, though I would admit that there are a lot that are dependent, and it depends on what you call older. 45 up? 50 up? 40 up?

Also, there are those who are older who know herbs and natural remedies that can take the place of pharmaceuticals.

Back to your dependency on electricity, the young have rarely had to do without, while the older grew up without much of the ‘luxuries’ that seem so common today.
True, the older tends to have more medical issues that may require electricity, but you must consider, there are a lot of older people, and no all are dependent on oxygen machines…

After watching a rally in Georgia, it had old, young, white, black, Asian, Hispanic, and even had a Democrat politician, Vernon Jones… all supporting Trump and the Constitution.

You might find, there are a wide swath of society that is on one side, and it seems they are angry at both the Democrats and many of the Republicans. You may want to reevaluate.


@Michael726 How much food do cities grow? Where is all the natural gas, oil and fuel produced. Remember JIT delivery. Most supermarkets have three days worth of groceries. Do guys in suits know how to operate power plants, water and sewage treatment plants? Sucks to live in a city and be solely dependent on those blue-collar deplorables. How many blue cities allow their citizens to own firearms? Military bail them out? Can’t imagine desk bound Colonels, Generals and politicians heading to the field. Most of the military that pull triggers, drop bombs and cock cannons know what an unlawful order is. They did take an Oath. Don’t see a bunch of soy boys, crooked politicians, ANTIFA, BLM and SJWs changing their hearts and minds. There are over 25 million military veterans currently in the USA. I would rather go on patrol with a 45 year old retired Marine or Army Ranger than some 21 year old purple-haired, nipple-pierced basement dweller. That 250 lb., sexually confused female college major is going to make it a 100 yards before needing a break. Double-whipped Soy latte only carries you so far.


Hey, how did you know I saw one at the store the other day. :grin:


@Kevin29 Our future. Could you imagine no power for game consoles? No internet? You can only stay rolled up in the fetal position for so long. It would be entertaining to send a company of retired Vets into Portland to take out the trash. And how many Soy cows does it take to supply Starbucks?


All our conscientious objectors do is grow stuff…lol

more fun later guys…I need to consult with my war games department.

@Michael726 Marijuana is not a food source.


@Jeff-A1 You stole my thunder, out here in the rural areas we have all the food, fortified and easy to defend. We have what we can grow and raise as well as what we can hunt.

The thoughts on old med needy people. You assume the red coats are the only one with these folks. Blue coats have the same. Maybe even a bit higher percentage as rural folks have lots of labor that is required at all ages, but I’m not sure on the exact stats.



Alright… Mass rapid fire responses…

Jeff – We have urban gardens all over cities…but, like I said, the war effort is going to depend on aggression and depletion of your resources. Just like Sherman’s march… Also, if each store has 3 days of supply, multiply that by all stores…then also multiply that by military base food stores and school food pantries and church food pantries etc. You are dependent on the season… we are not.

Guys in suits know how to get to the point where they can wear a suit… aka manage people…so they can probably figure all that out… Plus, some are like me, and started life in poverty, worked multiple blue collar jobs, and went to college at the same time… So yeah…we can figure it out…But also, we have lots of factory workers and blue collar workers…it’s not all suits… Blue collar folks aren’t all trump supporters… facts…

Also, I have lived in country towns and big cities…I’ll take the skills of big city water treatment facility techs over small town water treatment facility techs any day…and so will you…lol

You are right about some of the youth being overweight and focused on gaming… We’ll get them some armed drones and they will toast your muffins though… also, I shared a video (and got in trouble) the other day of a forum member that uploaded a video of my account to his personal youtube…I shared the video to our forum… I shouldn’t have done it, but my reason for bringing it up… I’d pick the girl you described over him in a footrace…Your side is older, and they are more limited physically and mentally as a result… I can find uses for physically useless gamers… You can’t for your elderly folks…

Jeff… watch the movie Wild Wild Country on Netflix… watch the towns people and the ceo of Nike fold to some hippies with guns…. Not even tough people… extreme left sex cult hippies took over a town and the folks that lived there just had to take it until the government saved them…You are underestimating your enemy sir.

Kevin I will get to your post later tonight.Not ignoring…multitasking…lol

So we’ll give the meds to our people and use them to gain info against yours…lol…thanks for the heads up!

@Michael726 Still a bit furry on this one. Who will comprise your army? Are you depending on the LtCol Vindmans’ in the military to lead the way? How long did you serve?


Depends. Are we all going to stand in linear formations and shoot at each other like we did last time? Or are we just going to call each other names on the internet?

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@Quade5 I hope you don’t have purple hair and pierced-nipples. Same for the sexually confused overweight college students. I was speaking in generalities. No insults directed at anyone in particular. Just trying to figure out where @Michael726’s army will be coming from. That LtCol Vindman was a real killer!

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