how much ammo do you guys stockpile

personally I have 260 rounds of 223 with 220 of those being bthp and 40 being the deer season lead tip.I also have 150 rounds of 9mm jhp for my glocks, 100 of those are 115 gr and 50 are 147 gr. I also have about 400 rounds of 223/556 fmj and 500 of 9mm fmj in a bo given by the uscca, which most will be used when I go to the range this Saturday. I also have an extra 200 rounds of 223 in its orginal box stored. so as for defensive rounds, I have a total of 460 rounds of my ar15 and a total of 150 rounds for my handguns.

How much do y’all have? share your number in the comment section down below


You, Sir, are a “rank amateur”. :laughing:

“460 rounds of my ar15” Thats 2 loadouts. :saluting_face:


Define “stockpile.” On a personal note, I can tell you that 15,000 rds. is not really that much of a pile.


Assuming you don’t have more than a couple of guns to feed and don’t go shooting all that often your numbers seem fairly reasonable for times when you can be sure you can get however much ammo you need whenever you want at a reasonable price.

But suspect most of us here would not be considered reasonable by the none shooting public;) And the times of guaranteed easy and affordable access to ammo are long gone. You never know when the next supply chain interruption, war or new government anti firearm regulation will make affordable bulk ammo impossible to find.

I’ve been waiting well over two years to find some of the self defense rounds I like for one of my handguns. Can’t find it at any price. Sure wish I had bought more when it was available.



I chuckle when I read mainstream media reports using those words.
I did some autumn cleaning last weekend and found thousands of .22LR untouched since 2018.
If a field reporter from CNN, NBC or CBS saw it, they might think I’m preparing for the apocalypse.
A gun owner who knows better would look at me and say,
“Bud, you’re an amateur.” :wink:

To answer the OP, just enough for five trips to the range. I replenish as I use them. First in, first out.


On the question of how much I would say not enough and none of your business.

I will also say that I do not have any weapon which uses 5.56 or .223, though I do keep some of that around for bartering purposes. Same with 300 Blackout, 300 WinMag, .308, 7.62 NATO, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. I have some if needed, but it will cost you…


I sold my .38 wheel gun but just found a box and a half that I meant to give to the buyer for free.
Now, I have an excuse to buy another .38.


Like we “need” an excuse to buy another weapon. :sweat_smile:


Weellllllll, I just “found” 2,000 rounds of .45acpb I quite frankly forgot I owned… :rofl:


I have a single box of 12 GA shotgun shells. Cuzz Biden said all I’ll ever need to do is fire two blasts, and that’ll be enough. And I trust him implicitly. BTW, may God bless the FBI.



I just reread your post and your numbers don’t quite add up…

From the top:
260 rounds of 223
150 rounds of 9mm
400 rounds of 223/556
500 of 9mm
extra 200 rounds of 223

Then you state:
“I have a total of 460 rounds of my ar15 and a total of 150 rounds for my handguns.”

By your numbers I count up 860 rounds for an AR and 650 rounds for a 9mm, totaling 1510 rounds.

I admit I may not be reading correctly what you are trying to describe, so a detailed explanation would be helpful. If your totals are correct and you have only 1510 rounds to feed two different calibers, you do not have nearly enough. As a comparison I will elaborate on a small portion of my arsenal.

In my daily travels, I have two weapons with me pretty much anywhere I go. One is a Beretta 92A1 in 9mm and the other is a KelTec Sub2000 also in 9mm. The Sub2k uses the same magazines the 92A1 does. I did that on purpose, so I don’t have to separate magazines. I have more than 1500 rounds of 9mm in magazines with me in the truck to feed those two weapons should the need arise. I also have 400 rounds stacked in a steel can under the back seat and another thousand in boxes in a bag behind the rear seat.

That is just what is in the truck, every day.


Amateur :question:
That’s my load out per firearm, what’s stored in my safe, never goes below 3,000 for any firearm!
If my wife had her way, it wouldn’t be under 10,000 per firearm!
She figures if we can’t run, we’re going out in a hail of bullets! “Pity the Fool”.


That’s a joke, right , Kevin?


It’s a joke?


I read a story on another forum of a lady in Houston who tried the two blasts out the window thing. The bad guys did run away. The police did arrive. She was arrested and the city prosecutor hung her out to dry.

Don’t know how true it is, but it does bear the question of will it hold up in court?


I just watched a YouTube video where the guy suggested 1,000 rounds per firearm. They were laughing when they talked about it. So I think they considered that to be a starting point.


@Yusheng Continue building up your stockpile, 9mm, 223/556mm, especially now with Black Friday sales or any sales that you can afford. Just buy! Hopefully you have a safe for all your ammo! It’s best to have MORE THAN ENOUGH than not enough. Can you imagine Legislating for AMMO BACKGROUND CHECKS in addition LIMITS OF AMMO THAT CAN BE PURCHASED (box of 50 rnds only) :grimacing: This :poop: could be coming, it’s in the talks. BUY, BUY, BUY while you can.


makes me wonder if this is a bot posting
just saying :roll_eyes:


My thoughts (opinions)

*Per firearm is a silly notion, and I refuse to count that way. It’s illogical to say that a person with, say, three AR types in 5.56 and three AK types in x39, who shoots 100 rifle rounds at the range every other month, needs to have three times more ammo than the guy with two AR types in 5.56 who shoots 100 rounds at the range every other week.

*I also don’t like the notions about lots of ammo to “shoot it out”, or whatever…I highly doubt any civilian in any plausible scenario could ever come close to shooting through even one case in ostensibly defensive purposes, regardless of the SHTF or TEOTWAWKI scenario being imagined. You’ll take an incoming before going through running gun battles for hundreds of rounds multiple times…this isn’t like an organized nation-state level war effort running squads/platoons/whatever (I didn’t serve) putting down covering/suppressing fire/gaining fire superiority as a group and all that jazz. If you want to have thousands of rounds packed loose in boxes in your truck, more power to you. I don’t personally see a plausible use for it and worry about it being a theft risk, but this is America so you do whatever the hell you want (as long as it doesn’t infringe on an other’s Liberty)

*So, how should (IMO) a person count their ammo? I say, by the duration of time through which you could continue to train at your desired rate if ammo becomes unavailable/unaffordable.

How long should that be? Well that’s up to you. How many rounds do you shoot on average in a month? Year? How long do you want to be able to continue doing that and how much could you reduce that quantity down without a significant drop in readiness?

I figure at least one year of regular training volume is a good first checkpoint.


Can you imagine Hamas coming through the southern and northern borders :question: I can. Stock up now and never stop stocking up!


260 rounds are defensive rounds, the other 600 are for the range, thats for AR. As for 9mm 500 are fmj and the other 150 are defensive rounds


I checked his other posts and they seem legit. But in any case my life is an open book and every agency on earth has my picture and prints by now. Everyone I know and many I don’t know I’m into guns, I teach firearms to dozens of strangers every month too and have for decades with zero negative effect.

And if anyone feels they can somehow track me down and take my stuff I cordially invite them to give it a whirl… :rofl: