How many work from Home and Carry?

Working from home is how I “learned” to carry concealed. I wasn’t 100% on board with “carry everywhere” until I built up the experience and confidence that comes with wearing a pistol around the house all day. Within a reasonable limit of printing, nobody knows you’re carrying unless

  1. they’re looking for it, and know what to look for and where
  2. you’re not comfortable with it, fidget, and keep messing with it

Wear it around the house for a few weeks and problem 2 goes away or else you realize that your particular combination of pistol, holster, and carry position needs to change.


Are you in Vegas? I’ve been in Vegas for 15 years now, interesting place if you are here. Definitely carry everywhere you can.


Not in Vegas, but south in Laughlin. My cell is ********* text me with your name and number. I’ve lived here since 2018.

I live in W.Va. and more carry than not. I dont know any anti gunners nor do I know anyone that doesnt own a firearm. I was in Walmart today and had on a S&W hoodie and a old gent was about 75/80 and he said " I love that jacket, thats what I cary!" and I replied " yea I like them to, I got a cpl of them".