How Many Rounds do you NEED

There is the last four classes and my ritual training at the range over the last four years with my reloads.
I guess I am that guy! :pleading_face: :worried:


How does she like her 43x?

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As one of those who vary by when and where I go, small, med, larger; Ditto here when I don on “9”, same model. Like the flat slide field of view and thinner profile. I don’t mind the two spare mags, not heavy; Peace of mind for long travels.


She loves the gun for its simplicity and reliability. Not as nice a gun as her classic original Kimber UltraCarry but it’s the right gun for the times.

BTW it’s also the gun I took with me when I did my first DSF certification a few years back. Every other instructor was running full size service pistols and here I was with my little compact, got a few sideways looks :sunglasses:

The 43X, literally out of the box, zero break-in, new mags and it ran through about 500 rounds in 3 days with zero issues. It’s the gun that made me fall in love with the new slim Glocks. Later on I moved to the 48 and gave the 43X to my wife.


That’s why I like NH. I’ve had a permit since 1978 and never once have they asked for make, model or serial number of the firearm I intended to carry. I guess this state has enough Common Sense to realize that, if you have passed the NCIC background check and it has been determined that you are a person of good enough character to be trusted to carry a firearm of one type and caliber, you can also be trusted to carry one of a different type and caliber.


That’s how I feel. When I first started carrying a couple years ago I didn’t see the reason for more than the loaded pistol. Now I have a spare 19-round mag and a fighting knife. There is consideration to carry a 3rd mag.


What changed?

It’s always a balance between what you are willing to (and able to) conceal and carry, and what you feel like you will need. Personally, I often carry a single stack subcompact 9mm, so I like to carry a spare mag too. However, there are other EDC items that I also want to carry (pocket knife, pepper spray, flashlight), so there is a tradeoff there. If you do carry a reload, it’s important to practice reloading, and as part of timed drills. I found this out during a recent defensive pistol course I took. Reloading a small pistol while under stress / timed is a lot harder than reloading a full size pistol.