How many rounds do you carry?

Normally when carrying my hellcat I have 12 rounds on board and a 15 round spare mag. Today I’m breaking in a holster for my sig 9:38. That means 9 rounds on board and a spare mag of eight rounds. I don’t feel that I’m underarmed at all.

Also we all hate to see a good guy go down but I would venture to say if he was carrying tons of ammo from the video I doubt he would have gotten off more than a few rounds with three of the animals flanking him. My condolences to his family.

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The rule we used in the Army was “Two is one. One is none.” This means that if you are not carrying a spare magazine (ready to go) and your loaded mag fails, you basically have a paperweight to throw at the bad guy(s).

On a normal day outside the house, I have a 12 round mag in the pistol, 1 round in the chamber, and one spare magazine of 12 rounds.

If I am going to a sketchy area or one I am not familiar with, I carry two spare magazines (1 JHP, 1 FMJ)

If you’re worried about what it may “look like” to carry spare ammo, realize that cops will carry at least two spare magazines. I have seen some carry 3 or even 4 spare mags, plus one AR magazine for their patrol rifles. Depends on where the cop is patrolling and personal experience.


Best reason to carry a spare mag in my opinion is mag related failures.


Not trying to start a ■■■■ show. You do realize the victim died. No context to who fired the killing shot. But he was fighting for his life. If you are still taking fire from someone there is absolutely nothing to prove that he is fleeing until the aggressor got into the car.

If the aggressor is still firing. How do you know he isn’t trying to improve his position to fire from cover?


This is true.

But also, it’s literally the cop’s job to respond to scenarios and literally chase or hunt down and confront the suspects. Cops carry multiple pairs of handcuffs too, doesn’t mean we should. Different roles, different situations.

Nothing wrong with a spare mag, although I am quite confident most people don’t carry things far more likely to save their life than a spare mag because it would be ‘too much’ that’s my hangup with it is all. Our ability to EDC stuff is quite limited/finite after all, and IMO every thing you carry has the opportunity cost of something else you’re not

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I do realize that. And even if that wasn’t the case, with the aggressors actively fleeing, how many rounds would have been practical or legal to fire?

I don’t “know” the aggressor wasn’t actually not fleeing even though he/they did flee. I do know that what actually they did was flee. I think I can say beyond a reasonable double that their intention when they were fleeing was to flee, not to redeploy to cover and post up to get into a protracted gunfight. My primary basis for that belief is video of what they actually did.

Let’s say for lesson learning and planning for the future, the victim was completely missed or had body armor on (all these talk of guns and mags for getting into gunfights, why won’t anybody EDC armor? I’ve always wondered that, but I digress), I don’t think more ammo than a single stack concealed carry gun holds would have been used or needed. We of course don’t know that, all we know is how many rounds were needed/used.

How can you prove that assertion. They were still engaged in actively shooting at him. Which round is the round that killed him? It could very easily be the rounds that were fired as the aggressor moved. So how do you prove (beyond a shadow of a reasonable doubt, that is the standard for a criminal prosecution) that the threat to his life had been stopped.

We are trained to stop the threat. Not killed but to stop the threat. So how can you say the threat was stopped since the aggressor was still shooting. That is the epitome of of a threat that has not been stopped, since the aggressor is still engaging the victim.

I can see your point if the aggressor was moving away and not shooting. But he was and remained an active threat, as he was still firing.

We talk all of the time about getting off of the X. So the aggressor could be considered as moving off of the X

That is covered in the rest of my post that you didn’t quote

I think you might be inferring something that I am not intending to apply as I don’t see how the rest of your post relates to what I have stated.

I never said the threat had been stopped and I did not intend to imply the threat had been stopped.

part of the problem may be it’s an oldish thread and I didn’t freshly read the whole thing from the top before recent posts so it may seem like my responses are continuing something prior because I didn’t take the time to go up and read back first? IDK

In my mind (for what that’s worth, or not lol) I am talking about expectation of rounds that could be fired in this scenario were the defender not struck

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Interesting pont. Appreciated.

I personally hadn’t heard pf mags failing until very recent, where some for example - might be made of plastic material only - near the mouth/feed spot per se, and the pressure from the bullet tension/mag spring pushed apart the mag opening, adversely affecting its ability to chamber appropriately.

Like I said not trying to start anything. You and I know we can get into dozens of responses on a thread. It’s all good.

Peace :v:


Have folks really had MagPul Glock 19 mags fail? I have a pair and they seem to be fine but I naturally gravitate to the OEM mags when I buy mags.

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I have never had Magpul pistol magazines fail since I started using them 8 years ago.

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Most often its 10 rounds and one reload. I dont carry the reload expressly for the additional ammo. I simply accept that the magazine is a critical part of the firearm and stuff will break or crap out at the worst possible time. Sometimes, it may be quicker and easier to just strip out a mag and replace it. That said, I wont complain about the 10 extra rounds.


First off, welcome to the Forum @Bailey4. I had an issue with a holster collapsing and it was hitting the mag release and causing my mag to release which would have caused a FTF (failure to feed). I had to replace the holster.

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I carry 15, and a spare mag.

I recently had a magazine failure of a different kind…
I was loading my pistol at the range, and Murphy struck!
I dropped the full magazine on the concrete floor, and broke the baseplate… We never found the magazine spring, but Springfield was good about replacing it


Hello and welcome @Bailey4

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sooo… Springfield found it? :thinking: :wink: :joy:


Using steel case ammo, yes

generally while I’m at work its aproximately 45 rounds but when I’m at home its about 23 to 26 rounds depending on which gun I’m carrying my 9 shot 1911 or my shield

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In an effort to be a pillar of the community here in Texas, I restrict myself to only carrying the legal limit.