How many rounds do you carry?

  1. Five rounds in my .45 Colt single-action and five more in my pocket. I hope I don’t face more than five bad guys at a time!

Well, I hope I pass away peacefully at 125 y/0 :rofl: and not have ever had to use mine for purposes other poking holes in targets and as a prop for me to clean when I am meeting one of my daughters potential boyfriends. :innocent:.

It’s worked really well so far. Her boyfriend’s have been amazingly polite. :joy:


I remember how my dad just so happened to need to clean his firearms when a young man showed up to meet my sister. The guy that wasn’t intimidated by that ended up marrying her.

I’ve done that, too, many years ago, with the blessings of the boyfriend’s father who was a close friend! What a funny video that would have made…if we had something to make a video with in those days!

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You just don’t know. :thinking:

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I like Colin’s response.
As many as it takes.


For me, it takes as many as it takes for the threat to be stopped. Not killed, stopped. If I am in a position where I am in fear of great physical harm, and/or Death. I will fire as many rounds down that it takes to cause that threat to stop. That does include retreat, because that threat Is stopped, due to it retreating.


I am Gunsite Alumni, i value Col. Coopers teachings greatly, it has saved me more than once.

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