How many of your firearms are always loaded?

All of our guns are loaded…


All but 3 presently but it will later be all but 1.

The 2 that are unloaded are my two 22lr rifles I took the the range today, 1 needs a cleaning still.

The only one I cant load is because once loaded, it has no safety and a 2-4lb trigger and is capable of blowing a big hole in a vehicle among other things (50bmg single shot).

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Looks like my brother in-law.

I agree, to me, speaking in a matter of fact way about personal defense, both hand to hand and armed seems to be the right thing to do. No mystery, no sneaking around, nothing in the dark of night. Just straight forward honesty. I think the more sneaky we appear the more the ignorant will wonder what we are up to.


I’m with you, crap doesn’t happen on a schedule!

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that was the way I was trained in my unit in Nam,and continued to train when I got out `in 65 and do it today

All my Just in case are loaded
All my could be in case are loaded
All my forgot I had that one are loaded
And friday nights after work I get loaded

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I’m not sure I’d admit that in public. :rofl:
Sounds more like one of those events where I silently pray to God and give thanks that there were no witnesses.


I treat all my firearms as if they are loaded because they are.
The wife knows they are loaded
There is a sticker that says these firearms are HOT…
So I don’t forget… I just forget I have it …


I have 4 of my guns allways prepared& loaded my 1911 zig m45 ,public defender judge poly,Glock 17 and 12Gauge pistal grip shot gun


All of ours. Especially ones pre positioned.All of our kids are grown and living on their on. So no minors wandering around.


Right now: 12.…I think.


Other than the times they obviously should not be loaded such as cleaning:
My EDC either on my person or quick access nightstand safe.
Tactical shotgun cruiser ready position in my hardened office closet.
I used to keep a coach gun loaded with number four buck next to the nightstand but now I have a grandchild in the house most weekends so it’s secured unloaded elsewhere.


all are loaded
a gun unloaded is only a decoration


Not sure it’s a decoration when it’s locked up out of sight, but, yeah, when you own more than a few guns, probably you don’t need all of them immediately ready.

Nothing wrong with decorations or having your competition target gun unloaded when not competing, or your hunting rifle/shotgun unloaded when it’s sitting at home, etc (or your 12th carry gun unloaded as it sits in the safe)

Two, I have my 43X in a CC shoulder bag with 4 magazines @Condition 1/0 * that’s my EDC, the hunting rifle is loaded @ Condition 3 as well in its case.

  • With the trigger safety can a Glock ever be in C1 or is the proper designation C0?
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I would think C0. The trigger safety comes into play if you drop it. :slightly_smiling_face:

There is no such thing as a proper condition designation to modern firearms. The C1-4 thing is kind of a bit obsolete/only relevant to a specific type of firearm.

I don’t think there is such a thing as condition 0 unless maybe it’s a Sig P320 or something else known to discharge without the trigger being pulled

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ABSOLUTELY!!! The way I look at it is you can’t meet anyone that is passionate about anything in their life without them bringing it up within 3 minutes of you meeting them. There’s an old joke that goes, how can you figure out if someone is a vegan? And the answer is, you don’t have to, they’ll tell you within 10 seconds of you meeting them :rofl:

The reality is that this frequent “outing” is what is normalizes all behaviors in this country. Everything is out in the open now so it fails to shock anymore. So why not work to normalize something that I am passionate about? I’m not ashamed of my political views, or my conservatism, or my spirituality or my family values. I’m courteous but I won’t hide them from anyone, and they do not diminish their opinions even if different. So I think it makes us even when I espouse them openly and we all know where we stand.

Hey, and at least my passion lets me eat burgers without losing any sleep… :sunglasses:


At this moment there are three loaded firearms in my home. My EDC nightstand lock box which is also I go to home defense firearm. In my gun closet which is hardened, a 45 ACP 1911 and a Mossberg security 12 gauge in cruiser position. I don’t plan for all out ww3 shtf scenarios just basic home defense. If the other happens I’ll load up the AR-15 and the mk47 mags! Lol!

It’s zombies start showing up I’ll add my Henry lever gun 357 Magnum, 12 gauge side by side, I’m at Ruger GP100 357. Lmao! At this point I doubt there’s time to load anymore!