How many limits is too many limits?

We have about as many limits on guns as people like me find tolerable. You have to be specially licensed to sell guns commercially. You have to pass a background check to buy a gun from a commercial dealer. You have to go through a special process to own a suppressor, short-barreled shotgun, short-barreled rifle or exotic firearm. In many states, you have to be specially licensed to carry a loaded, concealed handgun out in public.

How do you use these questions and answers in the blog post help you have good conversations with those who question you?


I was at the FREEDOM NOW CONFERENCE this weekend and one of the speakers said that GUN VIOLENCE is a made up word. and that HUMAN VIOLENCE is the proper term to use. and that is because a GUN IS JUST A TOOL USED BY A HUMAN TO CAUSE THE VIOLENCE. So the term HUMAN VIOLENCE would be a BETTER TERM.


Since none of the common sense gun control efforts are neither common nor make sense, I have trouble with many of the restrictions. As said under another thread, the forest is eliminated one tree at a time.