How long has it been since you've been to the range?

The whole month of February is expected to be nice and warmer than usual here in central KY. We’re getting into the 60s this week. I spent a good part of this morning cleaning out the chicken coop and putting new straw in for the ladies. Old straw is on the compost pile and turned. Time for a shower now. Now to keep the dogs from rolling in it!

Dang I’ve got a bunch of chores to catch up on from this short winter. Anyone want to come dig a french drain for me? Only 85’ long.

If it stays this way I should be able to get an afternoon in on the backyard range soon. Need more ammo too.


saturday before last. School and the weather has really put a damper on my shooting the last 2 months.


Thirty minutes ago.Checked the zero at 100 yards with my new optics/ AR15s.


Yesterday. I took a Canadian snowbird that had never fired a gun. He had a lot of fun and wants to go again. I had him shooting a Henry H001 with a red dot at 25 yards from the bench to make it easy. Had him shooting offhand at the end. He will be looking to buy a rifle when he gets home.