How long has it been since you've been to the range?

I’m going to head out today or tomorrow. Staple up a few paper plates 8’ apart, run btwn the two and see how I do. I’ll post pics in the Show us Your Target thread when finished.


At the range twice this week, and with good reason. I had an interesting learning experience about the brain-body connection and muscle memory.

The following three targets were from Wednesday at 10 yards. 50 shots into each target.

On the far right is my brand new Canik TP9SFX. I’m clearly still pulling to the left a bit But notice, no apparent downward flinch.

In the middle is my little Ruger EC9s. Less pull to the left, and no consistent downward flinch. For what it is, I continue to be impressed with the EC9s.

Then look at what happens with my cute little Ruger LCP .380. The first 6 shots are in the far lower left of the target. What the heck?!?! Where did the flinch work it’s way in? It wasn’t consistently there with the first two guns. So I became more mindful and fixed it up a bit.

Then I went home and did a bunch of dry fire/laser practice with the LCP.

Thursday, I went back, this time on the short range at 7 yards:

Gosh, MUCH better. The shot on the forehead was aimed at the top-middle of the forehead. And I made one shot aimed at each shoulder. There’s 45 shots on that target.

I’ve concluded, based on these two days of exercises, particularly the first day and those first 6 shots in the lower left, that my mind-body realized I was holding the LCP/.380 and started flinching before the first shot even went down range. Fascinating!!! Usually, I start flinching after a few shots on the .380 because of the kick. This time, I started doing it (when I didn’t do it with the previous two guns) as soon as it hit my hand!

The brain and body remembers. Amazing!

Muscle memory - brain/body connection - dry fire training. That’s where it’s at.


You need to go back more. Tighten up those groups. Burn about 100 rounds each week and do it religiously, and be willing to play with your grip. Practice, practice.


I’ll be done when a box of 50 leaves one hole! :wink:


For Scott-

I have a handgun guy who comes every weekend to my range. He keeps it simple. He blows out the center of his target every time with 100 rounds, and shoots at 20 feet every time. He varies the number of rounds in each of his mags and does a lot of mag changes. He’s one of our better shooters. And he’s there either Saturday or Sunday or both. Lots of practice.



OMGosh! I love this target…LOL! Gonna print it out on an 8.5 X 11 and practice with it. Thanks!


Last week. No resting just freestanding, 25m trying to hit the white dot.
25 M


Yeah, I should probably do the same. But I enjoy the challenge of putting the targets out at 10 and 20 yards. Even with my little pocket .380. With that gun, the groupings are horrible. Which I accept - it’s all part of the fun.


:rofl: You forgot his nose. Nice shooting.

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That’s great practice. Defensive shootings do absolutely happen at 20 yards and even beyond, too



If that’s a 380 then you’re doing fine! I hope that is just your backup to something larger. A 380 ACP only ticks off the bad guys!

Yes, that’s my little Ruger LCP .380 - my “I’ll carry this when I can’t carry anything else” pocket gun. Backup is either a Ruger EC9s or a Canik TP9SFX. When me and my three amigos go to the range, I start with the Canik, then shoot the EC9s, finally the LCP. It’s just so fun seeing what I can do with shorter and shorter barrels.

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Just got back, in fact my banter with Shamrock about cheap night vision devices was at the club. Anyways, steel plates for pistol, G43, G19, M9, and P80940CL…not bad, the Polymer 80 (G19 grip/G17) was an overachiever, looking like poop on paper, but real good on steel. My M9 is my best plates gun, and I made the mistake if shooting it last. Couple racks went great, then I got tired and shaky, so hung it up.
Rifle, Mossberg MVP patrol 5.56, light primer strikes on Wolf Gold, but back on point with some Freedom Munitions M193, had every shot in the 2" circle at 100 (15 shots) and with the right holdover and a little windage adjustment, caught the twisted steel at 300, 12" high but angled to 4" width max…as it’s kind of broken :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Ran some AR drills, 3 steel plates at 100, paper at 50. 6 mags, 3-9 rounds each, offhand, one shot per plate, 2 on paper…ran 2 sets and realized I’ll sleep well tonight.
Finished up with my Marlin 60, benchrest, laughed at the difference between T’bolt and CCI super. One shot 4"low at 100, the other 4" high. Left my scope alone :see_no_evil:
Finished up aiming for the steel at 300, looks like about a 12-14’ drop using the CCI, thinking it’s a par 2 target with the T’bolt :smile:. Big difference from the 200 I have that gun/ammo dialed in at. No data, just watched my hits and adjusted. The crosshairs were hilarious, aimed well up the cliff. Pic from awhile back


Do all states accept the course from any State now?

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I think so
South Dakota accepted my hunter safety for pheasant hunting years ago



Each state chooses what they require or don’t, and recognize or don’t

Edit: Unless you are speaking solely about to get a hunting license, that I don’t know lol


We have had 7 or 8 people get their first whitetail on the property out here. It makes great memories for the youngsters. I met a young man from Kentucky and assumed that TN would accept the course from KY.

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That aspect is very clear. You are either a resident or a $$$non resident $$$

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It is my moms birthday, I let her shoot my .45 Banshee. She likes it!!!


Happy Birthday, Todd30’s Mom.