How Easy Would It Be


I was feeling Perot until he literally snapped right before the election.

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Funny, That just how I feel about Trump… And am still undecided unfortunately. Prob won’t know until a few more years.


I’m still trying to figure out what I think about Reagan. :smile:


I try to stay a little out of the presidential judgements on gun and 2a forums, since it seems to be republican dominated to a point, still.
I have significant issues with all three major groups/parties now (meaning Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian), and none of them want to touch a free-thinker/“independent” like me with a 75 foot pole…

BUT, I must say that I would prefer to have his wife as president (although I don’t think she was born here … neither was I… I was adopted and came here when I was 6 months old…), I think she would be wayyy better at unifying us…


Maybe. According to an NPR article from another thread, 40% of USCCA members identify as Democrats.

Sometimes we allow ourselves to fall into these traps. For example, the military or police are often stereotyped as a bunch of Republicans in lock-step with anything POTUS puts out, but if you talk to enough service members or police officers you’ll realize that it’s simply not true, just as all union members aren’t Democrats and all [ethnicity] [skin color] [gender] don’t vote exclusively for [party].

But I believe that more than other issues, 2A and self-defense cross political spectrums. Everyone wants to protect their families, but some people have different ideas on how to best do that. I will be curious to see if this number changes after 2020 is finished.


The country is so deeply divided I don’t know if it can come back together.
The other issue is when you can spend $300,000 and play a round of golf
with a senator and whisper in his ear, money is the driving force now and
we the people have become pawns. I truly hope it doesn’t come down to
more civil unrest and gunfire, I guess we shall see soon. Mike :boom:

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Take a look at some of the statements by generals. Too many generals are now swamp dwellers. The problem with the question in the unifying is that the Constitution is now being attacked as a racist document. As such, too many people are against the constitution for it to be the document that the country unifies around.

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I agree with @Ouade5 we can think Trump is :+1: or :-1: and that is totally disconnected from the belief in our ability to defend ourselves, our families, our nation.

Every political bucket has good and bad things in it, and I dont see why we cant just take the good from every bucket and leave behind the bad from the bucket. I think the anti-Dem sentiment in pro-2A groups is because gun control is such a huge part of their party platform, but that doesnt mean everyone associated with Democrats takes everything in that bucket.

From sprinklings of conversations across this site, there are a fair number of non-conservative viewpoints in here. I perhaps lean conservative overall, but there are definitely things in the liberal bucket I would gladly take. Also, I live in a very liberal area.